Race Face's rebooted Atlas pedal is aiming to have the world of flat pedals at its feet.

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Race Face Atlas Pedals


  • Slimmer and larger than the old version.


  • Could be more concave. Twice the price of some recommended options.


Race Face Atlas pedal review


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The is a reboot of the Race Face Atlas flat pedal – one of the best flat pedals on the market – and to save you Googling the old design, it’s bigger, thinner and has a reconfigured bearing assembly.

Race Face has increased the size of the 6061-series aluminium platform by about 10%. It’s now 110x108mm, which is just a tiny bit smaller than a DMR Vault, but quite a bit larger than a Nukeproof Horizon. The company has also reduced the platform thickness from 14mm to 12mm, which again is pretty similar to the two pedals above. 

Increasing the size of the platform does increase support, but you do run into issues with cornering clearance, so to combat that Race Face has chamfered the edges and pared away material from the corners. 

There are no spanner flats on the axle, but there’s still plenty of clearance when fitting the pedal to a crank running a boot. Servicing the new Atlas is easy too. To access the cartridge bearing and stabilising IGUS bushing, you remove a cover using a 30mm wrench.

Pin count remains the same (10 pins per side) but they’re now straight rather than angled and also seem a little taller. The amount of bite is awesome, but out of the box the Atlas doesn’t feel quite as sure-footed, and that’s because it lacks any sort of concavity. This is important because it allows your foot to naturally rest in the centre of the pedal. You can create a some shape by tweaking the pin heights, which is something that’s easy to do with the Atlas because spacing washers are included. 

After a set up ride I removed the inside pin entirely and added two washers to both outside centre pins, bringing the height down by 2mm. Doing this doesn’t totally replicate the feel of a proper concave pedal, because the pins can just embed in the sole of your shoe, but it’s the next best thing. 

During testing I put a big scuff on the side of the pedal, and also bent one of the outside pins. The former goes with the territory, but Race Face does include half a dozen spare pins in the box, so that bent one was easy to replace.


Like the original, the MkII Atlas is superb quality, but it has a bigger platform and more bite. The performance is very good, but what stops me giving it a higher rating is the price – you can literally buy two pairs of test-winning Nukeproof Horizon pedals for the same price. 


Construction:Aluminium body, cro-mo axle, nine colours