Nukeproof's DH version of the Horizon has been a clear winner in MBR flat pedal tests. How does this mid size Enduro model stack up?

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Score 9

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro pedal


  • Increased ground and cornering clearance. Excellent shape and pin placement. Durable construction. Replacement service parts available.


  • Average bearing quality. Foot security is a touch lower than on DH Horizon.


Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro pedal review


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We’ve awarded Nukeproof’s Horizon Pro Downhill top marks several years on the bounce so this year we’re testing its slightly smaller sibling the Sam Hill Enduro. It uses a similar forged 6061-T6 aluminium body but it’s cutaway at the corners to increase pedal clearance because obviously when racing enduro you are on the gas more often in rough terrain and you don’t want to catch a pedal. 

Nukeproof uses a mix of pin styles on the Sam Hill Enduro – the six perimeter pins are T-shaped and thread in from the back, the four in the centre are set screws that thread in from the top. They offer a ton of bite and we never felt the need to tweak the position – it’s pretty much the perfect set-up.

The Sam Hill Enduro uses a bearing assembly consisting of a DU bush and two mini cartridge bearings, but having tested dozens of Nukeproof pedals we’d only describe the bearing quality as average, and the axle seals aren’t that tight. That said, replacements are readily available and servicing is something you can easily do at home with basic tools.

Since it’s heavily cutaway the target area is reduced but it has the same amount of concavity as the Pro Downhill. The ball of your foot remains centred over the axle and this allows you to really push into the platform when cranking hard on a race stage. However, it doesn’t quite have the same engagement, it’s a subtle difference but it just felt a little less secure when pedalling hard in serious chop.


The Sam Hill Enduro may be smaller than the test-winning Nukeproof Pro Downhill but it's still got the great shape and durable construction. However, it doesn’t quite have the same security, especially when pedalling hard in the rough. The price has crept up a touch too.


Weight:420g (pair)
Platform size:93 x 100mm