One last blast


This week’s Dirty Deals is a Cyber Monday special. Just because. Here are the top 20 mountain bike products that are on offer this Cyber Monday.

No doubt you’re a little bit sales-fatigued by now. Black Friday feels like it’s been on all month! Anyhoo, the sales sesh is nearly over. One more day of wide-eyed flogging and then we can return to our normal lives.

What is Cyber Monday? Who knows anymore really! It’s essentially a continuation of the modern-day late-November sales period with an online twist.

cyber monday mountain bike

Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet – £199.99 – £99.99

Save 50%! This is one of those convertible full face to open face helmet designs. The best thing aout Bell’s version of these sort of helmets is that when in open face guise your ears are totally open to the air. Looks much better and improves airflow too.

cyber monday mountain bike

Pro Griffion Ti Rail Saddle – £79.99 – £19.99

Save 75%! Most people only consider comfort and looks when it comes to choosing a saddle but those in the know appreciate that a saddle is one of the very most effective and VFM places to save weight on your bike. 205g for twenty quid!

cyber monday mountain bike

DiamondBack Lumis 1.0 mountain bike – £1,200.00 – £600.00

Save 50%! Man, this is a stonking deal. A carbon frame hardtail with RockShox suspension and 2×10 SRAM drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes fro £600. 15″ and 17″ sizes available.

cyber monday mountain bike

Time Atac MX6 pedals – £89.99 – £44.95

Save 50%! If you’ve tried other clipless designs – such as Shimano’s – and found them to not feel quite right but you’re still interested in the power and control of clipless, then give Time’s system a go. More free-feeling than most.

cyber monday mountain bike

Specialized Airtool MTB Flex Pump – £25.00 – £9.99

Save 60%! Mini pumps that attach directly to the valves are asking for trouble. Bent valves are a pain and can actually ruin a ride if you’re not careful. Much better to have a pump that attaches by a short length of hose to take the tugging forces out of the equation.

cyber monday mountain bike

Skins Sports Holdall Bag – £35.00 – £9.99

Save 71%! Sure, big yellow/blue Ikea bags have their place for a quick shove and go outing but for decent considerd daytrip or weekend away you need a decent holdall. And here’s a very good one for MTB duties.

cyber monday mountain bike deals

KMC X11-93 Silver 11 Speed Chain – £32.99 – £15.50

Save up to 53%! Bread and butter components like chain often get overlooked during the madness that is Black Friday Cyber Monday Terrific Tuseday Wonderful Wednesday week. So we’re her to remind you to get some stuff for your drivetrain NOW. Don’t mention it.

cyber monday mountain biking

Fox Demo Freeride Baggy Shorts – £85.00 – £39.99

Save 53%! You don’t hear the term “freeride” in mountain bike circles very much any more, which is probably why these otherwise excellent baggy shorts are in the sale. Ignore the weird freeride tag (they’re just trail shorts really) and bag a baggy bargain.

cyber monday mountain bike

SealSkinz Brecon XP Cycling Gloves – £45.00 – £19.99

Save 56%! For the very worst weather that Mother nature throws at you, here are SealSkins best paw defenders. Come on Mother Nature – do you worst! We’re ready for you now.

cyber monday mountain bike

Shimano Rokko 16 Litre Daypack – £59.99 – £29.99

Save 50%! Shimano backpacks are a rare sight on the trails but that’s more to do with the ubiquity of Camelbaks rather than anything else. Nothing fits as snugly or as stably as a Shimano backpack set up correctly. This 16L capacity bag makes for a great all rounder.

cyber monday mountain bike

Cube Action Team Knee Pads – £79.99 – £34.99

Save 56%! When did knee pads become so expensive eh? It seems like the price of them has gone up – not down – as more and more mountain bikers wear them as standard garb. These modern pads are on sale at a millennium price. Get in.

cyber monday mountain bike

POC Joint VPD Elbow Pads – £70.00 – £29.99

Save 57%! Whereas elbow pads aren’t really seen as standard clobber for most mountain bikers. Which seems a bit odd and is probably due to the fact that they can be tricky to wear with jackets and other upper clothing layer systems. If you pad your elbows, here’s the best ones, in the sale too.

cyber monday mountain bike

Abus S-Cension helmet – £39.99 – £17.50

Save 56%! A surpirsingly lightweight and well vented lid that can be pressed into commuting and road duties as well as used off road for a spot of the old mountain biking lark.

cyber monday mountain bike

High5 Race Selection Pack – £14.99 – £6.98

Save 53%! If you’re as old as most of us are then you probably don’t get selection boxes at Christmas any more. Relive those happy days by getting yourself a mountain bike centric selection box of energy and hydration goodies from High5.

cyber monday mountain bike

Dare2b Prewarn Jacket – £60.00 – £15.00

Save 75%! A jacket for fifteen quid. Fif. Teen. Quid. It may not be a full on storm garment but for showery and breezy conditions you can’t go wrong with the Dare2b Prewarn jacket. For fifteen quid.

cyber monday mountain bike

Unich Shock Pump – £29.16 – £14.58

Save 50%! You proably have  shock pump already but is it looking a bit tired and tatty? Is it, frankly, just a bit boring? This shock pump is a thing of beauty. CNC loveliness that’s compact, lightweight and well made.

cyber monday mountain bike

Dare2b Jeopardy II Jersey – £25.00 – £6.50

Save 74%! Stretchy material, flat locked seams, half length zip. A very adaptable and comfortable layer that can be pressed into service at all time of the year. rear zipped pockets are always useful too.

cyber monday mountain bike

GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray 440ml – £4,99 – £1.99

Save 60%! GT85 gets something of bed rep in some cycling circles but that’s because people are ignorant about it. No, it’s not a proper standalone bike lubricant. Yes, you need to cover yor disc rotors when applying it anywhere on your bike. But if used wisely and carefully GT85 extends your drivetrain’s life considerably.

cyber monday mountain bike

Dare2b Trivial Jersey – £45.00 – £12.00

Save 73%! A mid layer that’s tailor made for mountain biking; half length zip to avoid tummy zip bunching, high collar for draft excluding, wicking and close fitting without being OTT roadie.

cyber monday mountain bike

Dare2b Ensphere II Jacket – £60.00 – £16.00

Save 73%! AKA a stuff shell jacket. Keep it balled up in your backpack – or in your rear jersey pocket – and fell smug when the temps drop and the breeze picks up.

See you next week for more Dirty Deals!

If there’s anything left in the world still on sale by then anyway.