While we mostly buy jerseys to look good, the best mountain bike jerseys will also keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Find the best mountain bike jerseys. In this guide we look at to what to consider when choosing your next short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve top. What to wear on your upper body when riding can be a tricky dilemma. Not only do you need to consider your main riding discipline but also weather conditions and personal comfort levels.

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Correct fit on a mountain bike jersey

Fit can be quite a difficult and personal factor. But the main point is the right sized jersey should not restrict your movement when on the bike. Correspondingly a jersey that is either too tight for comfort or too big can have the same consequences.

best mountain bike jerseys

What type of riding do you do?

DH, all-mountain/trail riding and XC racing all demand different things from your mountain bike jersey.

Typically DH specific jerseys are lightweight, airy and very loose in order to fit body armour underneath. The evolution of the DH jersey owes a lot to motocross clothing in both style and fit. A DH jersey might also incorporated reinforced patches in areas that might suffer in the event of a crash.

Other features might include a goggle/glasses wipe inside and a neck shape that avoids interference when wearing a neckbrace.

Enduro or trail riding jerseys encompass the widest variety of styles and technical features. Brands combine features taken from anything from road riding to motocross.

Normally made of thicker fabrics than a DH jersey but normally still incorporating vented or lighter weight panels for moisture management and temperature control.

Cuts can be as simple as basic t-shirt style jerseys to ones that incorporate multi-panelling, multi-pockets and zips for added ventilation.

XC Race jerseys are usually very similar to road cycling jerseys, being very closely fitting to eliminate flapping of material and as to not hinder the rider. Rear pockets are a must to carry spares and nutrition.

best mountain bike jerseys

A good jersey is perfect for wearing down the gym too

Varied weather means different mountain bike jerseys

As with any type of clothing, demands change dependent on weather and seasonal changes.

During colder or wetter rides a jersey becomes a vital mid or under-layer in conjunction with a more protective outer jacket. Then a thermal or windproof jersey is an ideal choice to retain body heat and also stay comfortable next to the skin.

Most thermal jerseys feature full or half zips and a much thicker textile. Hot weather obviously requires thinner and more ventilated fabrics with most riders opting for short sleeves.

Mountain bike jerseys and temperature regulation

Every one of us have specific ‘optimum operating conditions’, what we mean by that is we all feel temperatures differently and most of us know if we feel the cold or overheat given a certain scenario.

It’s the reason why you might see one rider wearing a single layer when riding in the snow, compared to another wrapped up in four layers on a sunny day.

If you wear a pack then a jersey with a mesh back panel and without pockets is the most comfortable style to go for. If you like keeping it minimal then you might want a jersey with one or two pockets for the essentials.

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Specialized Enduro DriRelease Merino 3/4 jersey

Price: £48.00

We’ve worn it at least twice as often as any other jersey over the last year, and it not only fits and looks great, and is super soft against the skin, it’s also kept its shape and looks good after tens of wash cycles too.

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Nukeproof Outland DriRelease jersey

Nukeproof Outland DriRelease Long Sleeve jersey

Price: £30


Another quality jersey using DriRelease fabric, this time from the Nukeproof wardrobe and using a cotton mix fabric rather than Merino. It still has a four-way stretch, so it doesn’t impede your movements on the bike, and the material does a great job of wicking moisture from your body. And if you don’t want to look like a convict, Nukeproof also offers a couple of other colours.

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Sweet Protection Hunter jersey

Sweet Protection Hunter Long Sleeve Merino jersey

Price: £79.99

The Sweet Protection Hunter jersey boasts a remarkable softness to its Merino wool fabric that is both insulating and wicking. Our test jersey has stood up to months of abuse, and many wash cycles, without losing its comfort or shape. We’ve even stitched up a hole when we crashed in it, which just goes to show how firm a favourite it is with testers.

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7Mesh Compound jersey mtb jersey

7Mesh Compound MTB jersey

7Mesh Compound MTB jersey

Price: £70.00

One of the best jerseys around for British trail riding, made by the Canadian company 7Mesh. The Compound uses a dual fabric construction to provide riding comfort and protection from both crashes and the weather.

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Current best deals on mountain bike jerseys

As clothing ranges change with the seasons, we’ll be continually updating this page and adding more jerseys to the best list. Be sure to check back regularly.