A simple but standout design from a brand with an ethical stance

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7Mesh Roam SS shirt


  • Fast drying and cool. Well made. Brand has ethical values.


  • Low on features: no rear pocket or optics wipe


7mesh Roam SS Shirt review


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Designed and tested in Canada, 7mesh’s Roam short sleeve shirt is the brand’s staple trail riding top, in what it calls a mid-weight fabric. It’s actually lighter than many other brands’ summer tops at just over 100g, but not quite as thin as the brand’s flyweight Sight shirt. That model also comes with a small zip back pocket, and is another decent summer option.

At first glance, the Roam cut looks like a bog-standard t-shirt, but there are more sophisticated shapes where the back panel joins the shoulder section, and the fit tapers in a bit towards the waist rather than hanging down all flappy. The fit is athletic without being skin tight, and we like how most of 7mesh’s colour schemes are pretty subtle and classy anyway, but you can also get this jersey in plain black, which many riders want.

With greater texture and a heavier-weight fabric than the Sight, this Roam also has an SPF 50 treatment to stop UV light getting through on blazing sunny days, and keeps its cool thanks to an open fabric structure and tiny horizontal ridges on the interior face of the material. These ribs appear to keep the fabric porous and permeable to air, but there isn’t a fully open, perforated, design here like some options with more distinct and open air holes.

7mesh’s top doesn’t look that complex, or use any multiple fabric types or panels for the £50 asking price, but what it does do is deliver while riding. The material really breathes and seems to let heat and steamy interiors get some air, and it’s also very rapid drying; to the extent it was the quickest to dry in our washing line test.

It dries just as fast while riding, and it’s the top that seems to recover most quickly from sodden patches after hard climbs, never reaching that point where it’s water-logged, heavy and clingy. By somehow managing to stay damp rather than soaked, it will definitely appeal to riders that run hotter and sweatier than average. 

7Mesh outfit Aug292

The 7Mesh Roam SS shirt pairs up well with the brand’s Glidepath shorts


The 7mesh Roam SS shirt gets our vote as the best summer jersey on test. With a high quality construction, a great fit and well-chosen fabric, it performs well and justifies its price tag.


Weight:115g (L)
Colours:Black, Bottle Blue, Cinnamon, Douglas Fir
Sizes:XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL