Bargains for mountain bikers at Wiggle.

Wiggle is an online retail phenomenon. Closely associated with road cycling, there are plenty of Wiggle mountain bike deals too.

The full history of Wiggle dates back to before their 1999 online birth. The whole thing started out at a relatively humble bike shop called Butler Cycles in Portsmouth. Wiggle founder Mitch Dall bought Butler Cycles in 1995 and from then on expanded and relocated premises numerous times.

In 2015 the company moved its main warehouse premises to Wolverhampton where it runs a massive 323,000 square feet ‘super-warehouse’ which is ram packed with bikes, clothing and components. Wiggle also have a number of own-brand labels such as dhb clothing, Lifeline tools, Verneti and Eastway bicycles.

Some key Wiggle mountain bike deals

wiggle mountain bike deals

Shimano MT800 bottom bracket – £34.99 – £15.94

Will fit any threaded bottom bracket frame. Fit the best, fit Shimano. Even if your bottom bracket is spinning away nicely and quietly it’s worth bagging a deal when you see one. No bottom bracket lasts forever.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Mavic Crossmax Pro helmet – £115.00 – £69.00

Mavic have just released their new 2018 mountain bike kit so now’s the time to that you’ll see loads of 2017 Mavic stuff being flogged off at big discounts. This helmt is probably the best deal – especially seeing as the new Mavic helmets look a bit, er… different.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Mavic Crossride 650B wheelset – £400.00 – £283.99

NB: you also get the tyres supplied with these wheels! That’s a mighty impressive bundle and no mistake. You also get some tyre sealant, tubeless valves and some axle adapters. Flippin’ ‘eck eh?

wiggle mountain bike deals

Schwalbe Hans Dampf tyre – £58.99 – £33.94

These are the proper Hans Dampf, not some OEM wire bead Bakelite-plastic compound affairs. Hans Dampfs, despite their name, are actually much more of capable all-rounder tyre than a wet weather specific tyre. Tough carcass and easy to tubeless.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Topeak Road Morph Mini Pump With Gauge – £36.99 – £23.49

Ignore the word “road” in its name and focus instead on the flip-out floor-stnad and pressure gauge display. A relatively long pump but one that shoudl still fit in a normal hydration pack easily enough and will be well worth it whenever you need to use it on the trail.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Exposure Axis Mk5 TAP Light – £184.95 – £109.99

TAP = Tap Activated Power. In other words, no more scrabbling for a fiddly switch, you just tap the light body with your fingers and it adjusts itself. Comes supplied with a bar mount and a helmet mount in the box.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Oakley Flak Beta Prizm Trail glasses – £120.00 – £64.74

ANy Oakleys under a hundred quid are well worth inspecting. These have Oakley’s new Prizm Trail lens tint which is specifically meant to be for mountain biking in various conditions.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Camelbak L.U.X.E. hydration pack – £94.95 – £35.99

Technically this is a Women’s Camelbak – so fair dos if you’re a female – but even if you’re a fella this pack is a bargain. The only female-specific thing about it is that the shoulder straps are S-curved to better fit female chests. Huge discount on this pack.

wiggle mountain bike deals

Northwave Scream Plus shoes – £119.99 – £71.99

Carbon soled offroad cycling shoe in a funky colourway and sporting the classic two Velcro straps and top ratchet/BOA strap design. Currently available in pretty much every size but you may have to act fast if you’re one of the more common foot sizes.

wiggle mountain bike deals

24 x PowerBar PowerGel Hydro With Caffeine gels – £38.00 – £16.99

Mojito, cola or cherry. Choose your poison. As well as not requiring any water to consume alongside them (you can if you want to though) the nice no-littering anchored tear off tops will help keep the trails clean. Which is nice.

Buy Now: 24 x PowrBar PowerGel Hydro With Caffeine gels from £16.99!

Happy shopping and we hope you get want you want!