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NiteRider Lumina Max 2500

The NiteRider Lumina Max 2500 is a new bar-mounted light with the lamp and battery all self-contained – it’s lighter, easier to fit, and with the optional NiteLink Wireless Remote…

Score 7

Magicshine RN 1500

Light up the night with the Magicshine RN 1500, one of the best MTB helmet lights we’ve tested. For a light that weighs just 142g and pumps out 1,500 lumens,…

Score 8

Cateye AMPP 800

If you’re looking for versatility, the Cateye AMPP 800 certainly delivers and comes with some interesting features. One of the best mountain bike lights we’ve tested, it’s low profile, stable,…

Score 7

Gloworm XS Lightset

Finding the best mountain bike lights for night riding that combine performance, value and weight can be tricky, but happily Gloworm have produced a versatile and customisable set up with…

Score 8

Gloworm X2 Adventure Lightset

Gloworm’s range of MTB lights has recently been given a reboot and are now fully programmable. They also sync to the new Link app, which is free to download and…

Score 9

Exposure Six Pack Mk12

Looking for the very best mountain bike lights? We’ve got you covered, having extensively tested a broad range of the lights available on the market today head to head, and…

Score 9

Hope R4+ readily showcases the advantages of a Hope. Every mounting piece is precisely crafted, every connection and switch is crisp and positive.

Score 8

Magicshine Monteer 8000 should be renamed the Monster 8000 because it literally scares off any wildlife wandering around at night!

Score 10

A version of the Light And Motion Seca Enduro has won this test several times over the last five years. This one continues the impressive results.

Score 9

In the last few MBR lights tests we’ve flipped between Exposure’s Diabolo and Joystick lid lights, but for 2022 year we’re testing the Zenith MK2, which is brighter but not…

Score 10


Although the Hope R2 LED STD (Standard) uses the two cell ES (energy status) battery pack, it’s just as bright as the R2 LED Epic – it just won’t last…

Score 7

Niterider Lumina Dual 1800

We’ve tested Niterider Lumina lights previously, but the Niterider Lumina Dual 1800 is the first with two LEDs, kicking out a total of 1800 lumens.

Score 7

Blackburn Dayblazer 1500

With its machined aluminium construction, the Blackburn Dayblazer 1500 is one of the lightest standalone lights we've tested recently.

Score 8

Knog PWR Mountain Kit

Since the Knog PWR Mountain is a modular design, you can mount it in several different ways and also add other lamp units to the battery.

Score 7

Magicshine MJ-906SE

At £99 the Magicshine MJ-906SE is an absolute steal, although the price doesn’t include a Light Connection Cable, which costs about £11.

Score 10