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Hope R4+


Hope R4+ light review


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A beautifully engineered unit, the Hope R4+ readily showcases the advantages of going with a brand like Hope. Every mounting piece is precisely crafted, every connection and switch is crisp and positive.

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Their customer service is also legendary and you will struggle to find an unhappy Hope customer.

Some welcome additions have also been made to the R4+ to bring it up to date, like 35mm bar mount as standard and an excellent push-button fuel gauge with 5 LEDs lighting up to show current charge state – even when unplugged from the head unit.

So it is a good, solid unit, and we like the offset mount that allows dropping the head unit centred and low in front of the stem.

hope r4

All good so far, but we do find the 1500 lumen output just a little short for the money and as a result it struggles to compete with other units – many of them cheaper – on sheer trail coverage.

It also starts up each time in the lowest light setting, something we find vaguely irritating – either start on full (which you are most likely to want with only 1500 lumen at your disposal) or at least have a memory that picks up where you switched off last.

In general yes, 1500 lumens is enough to ride with at a good pace, but that changes if your mates are toting more power.

You find yourself permanently riding with a shadow falling in front and, well made or not, there are a lot of other options in this price bracket with more light you could drop your hard earned notes on.


Weight:476g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 2:15 hrs