If you're looking for excellent value for money, the Gloworm X2 Adventure mountain bike light set is it

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Gloworm X2 Adventure Lightset


  • Fully programmable, great value, monitor run time on smartphone


  • Low runtime on full power


Gloworm X2 Adventure Lightset review


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Gloworm’s range of MTB lights has recently been given a reboot and are now fully programmable. They also sync to the new Link app, which is free to download and allows you to change individual settings and also monitor the run time using a regular smartphone. It’s these features, plus its overall performance, that makes it one of the best MTB helmet lights out there. 

The Gloworm X2 Adventure is similar in size and build to the Hope R4+, using a twin LED machined alloy head, but combined with a lighter and smaller two-cell battery.

Included with the X2 Adventure is a plastic mount secured with a Velcro strap, but it’s a bit short and the mount is not that stable. In the end we used the GoPro adapter, which simplified set-up and made it more stable, but it does sit quite high. 

The light puts out 2,000 lumens on full beam, but not for long. Run time on this setting is less than 90 minutes, so we would definitely toggle the light down as you really don’t need this much power anyway. You can do that either via the on/off button or bind the light to the new RF remote, which can also work a second light.

By using the new Link app, you can customise the individual settings and even create your own custom mode. There’s also a battery life display in the app too, so you don’t have to remove your helmet and muck about checking the fuel gauge built into the battery. 

The head unit comes with a flood and a spot lens, but you can customise those too. Spares are included in the box and we’d definitely swap the former for another spot if you’re running this light exclusively up top, as the flood beam creates a bit of a hard shadow from your helmet peak.


While it’s a little high, and that helmet mounted battery/cable is not as convenient as the all-in-one designs, for just over £200 with this much stuff in the box, a new app and full customisation, the X2 Adventure is cracking value. 


Lumen:400, 1,400, 2,000