Like other Gloworm products, the XS Lightset is adjustable and customisable

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Gloworm XS Lightset


  • Customisable set up with spares and tools included


  • Battery is weighty


Gloworm XS Lightset review


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Finding the best mountain bike lights for night riding that combine performance, value and weight can be tricky, but happily Gloworm have produced a versatile and customisable set up with the Gloworm XS lightset that means you can tweak everything to suit where and how you ride.

This new Gloworm XS is modular and is sold both as a kit (tested here) or you can buy the parts individually (there are different battery size options) to build your own system. We’re testing the Lightset because it seems like better value, and you do get everything in the box.

The head unit is machined aluminium and is attached to a plastic clamp that is easily adjustable to different bar diameters, but you can also bolt an adapter to the bottom that lets you run this light on a helmet. The Lithium-Ion battery is pretty weighty, but it does have silicone bumpers to help stop it sliding around. There’s also a fuel gauge displayed as icons and percentage, although you can also use the new app to check burn time on the go.

Also included in the box is a handlebar remote which can also be configured to run a second light. It only takes a second to connect, but you will need to do this every time you remove the battery as it doesn’t stay bound. 

Out of the box, the lamp unit comes with two spot and one flood lens, but like all Gloworm lights you can customise this set-up, and spares and a tool are included. We didn’t see the need to tweak this arrangement because it pools a decent amount of light close in, but there’s still plenty of punch down the trail for higher speeds.

It doesn’t have the raw power of the Exposure Six Pack Mk12 or MagicShine Monteer, but if you run an additional 1,000 lumen helmet light, you’re not going to be riding any slower. Being able to toggle the settings on the fly means you can really manage the run time, which is great for getting the most out of that smaller helmet light.


For what you get in the box, the Gloworm XS is amazing value for money and pretty versatile, but the battery is a bit of an awkward shape and the thin Velcro strap is way too flimsy. 


Lumen:560, 1,960, 2,800