A version of the Light And Motion Seca Enduro has won this test several times over the last five years. This one continues the impressive results.

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Light And Motion Seca Enduro light


Light And Motion Seca Enduro light review


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The Light And Motion Seca Enduro shares the same four-LED lamp unit as most of the Seca family, but comes with a larger four-cell Li-ion battery pack. This mounts to the frame using a heavy-duty Velcro strap, but the casing doesn’t fit neatly round a tube, so can slip backwards when riding. The lamp attaches using a sort of rubber watch strap, which means it fits any handlebar diameter and it also has a unique breakaway feature. However, in all the time we’ve tested this light we’ve never seen one break away, but it’s there if you need it, and there’s a spare in the box.

The Seca Enduro has two output modes – standard and Race – which you access by either short or long presses of the on/off switch. Race mode gets high (2,500 lumens) and medium (1,250) beam, and that’s our preferred choice because the standard option has several useless flashing and low beam options.

Light and Motion Seca Enduro beam

Light and Motion Seca Enduro beam

As we’ve said previously, the Seca has an excellent spread of light, equal to the very best mountain bike lights. If you compare the beam patterns, you can see further down the trail with the Magicshine Monteer, but what you probably can’t discern from the small images is how clean and even the light is. Everything looks sharp and focused, and that really makes a difference when riding fast at night. The beam pattern is also the widest here, so illuminates more at the edge of the trail and also further round corners. This is literally a light you can roll solo – no need for an additional helmet light.

We have one criticism, and it’s the same one we’ve been banging on about for roughly four years now – the cable needs to be shorter or have a coil in (yes, like a 70’s telephone) to take up the slack.

It doesn’t have the raw power of some of its rivals, but it genuinely feels like it packs more punch than claimed.


Weight :500g
Max lumens:2,500
Contact :freewheel.co.uk