A version of the Light and Motion Seca Enduro has won this test several times over the last five years. This one continues the impressive results.

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Light And Motion Seca Enduro light


Light and Motion Seca Enduro light review


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This model is the Light And Motion Seca Enduro and it has pretty much the same lamp unit as the Race we tested 12 months ago but comes with a larger four-cell battery pack. This mounts to the frame using a heavy-duty Velcro strap, which you can really cinch up tight. The lamp attachment uses a sort of rubber watch strap, so is a little less robust, but the fitting is lightweight and the light sits low on the bar.

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Pressing the on/off button lets you access standard or Race mode. With just high and low beam, Race mode is our preferred option for off-road use as there’s a redundant flashing/really low beam option in the standard setting and you have to toggle through these to get back to high beam.

True to previous form, the Seca has an excellent spread of light. It’s not as powerful as the Lupine Wilma 7 or Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro tested recently, but it more than makes up for it with its smooth, even beam pattern. The light is crystal clear and is super white, so everything looks sharp and focused. With its easy fit, low-profile clamp it also works great as a helmet light, although you will have to run that four-cell battery in a pack as it’s too heavy to strap to a helmet.

We have one criticism, and it’s the same one we’ve been repeating for the last three years – the cable needs to be shorter or coiled to take up the slack.

The Light And Motion Seca Enduro is has gone up in price, so it is not as good value, but it genuinely feels like it delivers more lumens than claimed without being penalised by a heavy battery or lamp unit.


Weight :486g
Lumen:2500, 1100, 575
Run time:2.5, 5, 10hrs
Contact :freewheel.co.uk