Offering great visibility, the smooth light of the Light And Motion Seca Enduro mountain bike light is idea for night riding

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Score 9

Light And Motion Seca Enduro light


  • Smooth beam pattern, easy to fit, great visibility


  • Have to cycle through settings, long awkward cable, more padding for battery needed


Light And Motion Seca Enduro light review


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The Light and Motion Seca 2500 Enduro offers impressive visibility with a smooth beam pattern that doesn’t have dark spots, and it’s why we rate it one of the best mountain bike lights we’ve tested.

It uses the distinctive oval-shaped four-LED lamp unit and a 6-cell Li-ion battery pack. This mounts to the frame using a heavy-duty Velcro strap, which we really like because you can get it super tight. In fact, we wonder why other companies don’t follow suit.

The lamp is easy to fit due to the rubber watch strap attachment, which stretches to fit any handlebar diameter, even 35mm. And there’s a bit of give in it, so the lamp can also be angled up or down without having to get a tool out. Sitting between the clamp and the lamp unit is a breakaway component. We never saw this fail, but one of our testers took a tumble recently and this part broke. The lamp ended up dangling from the bars, but it was still intact.

Two light modes are offered, which you access via a short or long press of the on/off switch. Race mode has two settings: high (2,500 lumens) and medium (1,250 lumens) beams, and they’re our preferred choice because the standard mode is just flashing and low beam, which are pretty useless off-road. And you also have to cycle through them to get back to full beam.

Other lights here smash the Seca Enduro in terms of lumens, but the beam is high quality – everything looks sharp and focused, there are no dark spots or weird halos, and it also has a really wide angled beam, so you can pick up a lot more edge detail.

Having tested this light several times, there are a couple of things that could be improved – some form of padding on the battery, so it sits snugly against the frame, would be appreciated, and the cable needs to be either made shorter or coiled.


We’ve tested a version of this light for the last five years and it remains unchanged and there is a pretty good reason for that – it’s bright, easy to fit, and due to its custom reflector, it has one of the smoothest beam patterns out there. 


Weight :424g
Max lumens:625, 1,250, 2,500