XC and trail tyres go the Wide Trail way

More models of popular Maxxis tyres will now be available in the Wide Trail format, larger volume tyres designed for modern wider rims.

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Maxxis launched the Wide Trail concept with their 2.4-2.6in tyre models which are typically designed for the more aggressive and technical mountain biker.

The latest expansion of Wide Trail tyres sees tyres more commonly associated with XC and trail riding enter the modern way of the wide.

The complete Maxxis Wide Trail range now consists of: Maxxis Shorty, Maxxis High Roller II, Maxxis Minion DHR II, Maxxis Minion DHF, Maxxis Aggressor, Maxxis Forekaster, Maxxis Rekon and Maxxis Ardent Race.

Both 27.5 and 29in wheel sizes are catered for.

What is Wide Trail all about? Essentially they reduce tyre sidewall flex especially when running lower pressures. More traction, more accuracy in handling, less squirm.

In related news, Maxxis have also recently revealed a new tyre carcass construction called EXO+. This is designed to sit between their current relatively lightweight EXO reinfornced sidewall and their significantly more reinforced Double Down sidewall.

Stephen Robinson from Maxxis “It’s a great feeling for us at Maxxis to be expanding our WT range. It was only a matter of time before we introduced our revolutionary WT technology to our most popular mountain bike tyres. Consumer demand for these options have been significant for us at Maxxis with the steady increase of rim sizes. We wanted to respond to the market with superior products so our customers can see the best results in their rides. We are extremely proud of the outcome of our efforts and look forward to riders tackling the terrain on Maxxis WT soon.”