"They do exactly what I want them to do". Reader review by Ric Jamieson.

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Maxxis Aggressor


Maxxis Aggressor tyre review


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The Maxxis Aggressor is intended as an all-round trail tyre that copes well on everything from loose XC race courses to heavy all-mountain riding.

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Reader review by Ric Jamieson | Trail & XC
Instagram: @ric.jamieson
Twitter: @pine_sport

How long have you had them?

Six months.

Used on front or rear?

Front and rear.

Durability. How well have they stood up to use?

Faultless! Bought for winter cross-country racing, training and general trail riding and have had no issues or signs of wear to date

Performance. Traction, cornering, braking, puncture protection, acceleration, rolling speed etc?

Bought as an alternative to my Maxxis Medusa for wet riding / racing they do exactly what I want them to do. Huge amounts of grip giving more confidence in the corners as well as under braking and hooking up for no loss under acceleration. Despite the knob size, the rolling resistance is great on most surfaces although when the trail has gone dry and hardpack, it is noticeable compared to the Ikons I’d normally use for this type of terrain. Using Noxon Orange latex there have been no punctures that I know of to date. Maxxis tyres are my go-to brand due to their robustness.

What sort of conditions does this tyre work best in? Dry, mud, rock, loose, firm etc

Loose, loose over firm and wet. My local trail centre has been a good testing ground with everything from mud to hardpack to chalk and flint.

How is the sizing of the tyre – ie accurate, bit narrow, bit big etc?

I’m running 29 x 2.3in with 22mm rims and they come up spot on.

Have you run the tyre as tubeless? If so, how was tubeless installation?

They are set up tubeless using Noxon Orange latex and sealed without any issues or effort on Shimano XT rims with a track pump. The bead is stiff and whilst they went on only using my hands, they were tight but that’s a good thing as they stay there!

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Verdict: 10/10


Size:27.5 x 2.3, 29 x 2.3