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maxxis high roller II


Maxxis High Roller II tyre review


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Maxxis’s reputation is built on fantastic rubber and tread patterns, and the Maxxis High Roller II 3C Maxx Terra tyre is no exception.

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Maxxis has offered a High Roller for what feels like forever, and this second-generation model beefs up and tweaks the tread for more versatility. Slightly better in wet, looser dirt than the popular Minion DHF, it’s great on both ends, although choosing the 3C compound on the front provides way better confidence and edge grip on wet roots and rocks.

maxxis high roller ii

The EXO model balances weight and durability well for aggressive trail riding, and is noticeably lighter than most thicker, 1kg or so, dual layer tyres with this much grip. Maxxis offers its own tougher, even better damped, 2x120tpi Double Down casing for extremely rocky terrain or enduro racing too, that’s around 200g heavier. With both models, deformation and compliance is excellent with good comfort.

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Pre Wide Trail models, the 2.4in High Roller laid down the most Maxxis tread on normal bikes and cornered with excellent breakaway predictability. If that’s a priority, the brand’s latest generation of wider tyres ramp up grip levels even further though and we reckon the latest Minion DHR in the bigger sizes might now edge the slimmer HRIIs overall, provided you’re willing to sacrifice some rolling speed.


Size tested:27.5 x 2.4in 3C EXO Maxx Terra
Actual size:58.9mm