Maxxis Shorty 3C EXO is a highly capable tyre for aggressive descending and natural riding, it may be overkill for your local trail centre though...

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Maxxis Shorty tyre review


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Last winter the Maxxis Shorty was the new kid on the block, and after a full year of extended testing, we’ve now used it in more scenarios, including dry loam and blown out rocks and dust.

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Maxxis’ superb 3C rubber formula is a big factor in the performance — it feels predictable everywhere and lasts reasonably well considering the grip on offer. The spaced-out Shorty knobs are noticeably slow rolling, and a tad lumpy on hard surfaces, but the 830g weight and mid-thickness casing, with EXO protection, add up to just about a perfect blend for most UK winter trail riding.

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Very occasionally, when used up front in deep, saturated mud, the Shorty can lose traction suddenly, which means it feels less assured than a dedicated pair of mud spikes here, or even
the Schwalbe Magic Mary.

Another minor issue is that the leading centre block edge is ramped to improve rolling speed, but this reduces dig-in and traction when climbing up sloppy pitches.

These two criticisms are mere quibbles, though. As a tough, versatile, aggressive trail tyre that can handle wet or dry conditions, the Shorty is 99 per cent sorted.


Weight:830 grams
Size tested:27.5 x 2.3 in