"As a rear tyre, the Forekaster is hard to fault". Reader review by Neil Sullivan.

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Maxxis Forekaster


Maxxis Forekaster tyre review


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The Maxxis Forekaster sports mid-height tread blocks and wide cupped knobs down the middle. The Forekaster is suited to post-summer times.

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Reader review by Neil Sullivan | Trail & XC & Gravity holidays

How long have you had them?

Two years.

Used on front or rear?


Durability. How well have they stood up to use?

Great durability. The tyres still have plenty of life in them even after two winters of abuse.

Performance. Traction, cornering, braking, puncture protection, acceleration, rolling speed etc?

As a rear tyre, the Forekaster is hard to fault. It really does preform exceptionally well in most conditions, struggles a bit in deep mud, but does much better than expected when looking at the tread. It clears mud quickly, and rolls very well. I also have not had a puncture in the two winters I have used it.

What sort of conditions does this tyre work best in? Dry, mud, rock, loose, firm etc

Works well in the dry and wet, begins to struggle in deep mud. This tyre works well on natural trails, but is equally at home at a trail centre.

How is the sizing of the tyre – ie accurate, bit narrow, bit big etc?

Comes up a little narrow compared to a Schwalbe, for example.

Have you run the tyre as tubeless? If so, how was tubeless installation?

Tubeless set-up was very easy, as I have found with all Maxxis tyres.

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Verdict: 9/10


Sizes:27.5 x 2.2in (tested), 27.5 x 2.35in, 27.5 x 2.6in, 29 x 2.2in, 29 x 2.35