A recent release in Endura's extensive range of legwear, this lightweight, stripped back pant aims to be the perfect trail riding option for all but the wettest and muddiest conditions.

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Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant


  • Lightweight without being floaty. Great fit and comfort. Airy. Well priced considering the quality, fit and performance. Women's version also available


  • Potentially less durable than the DH-orientated MT500 Burner pant


Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant review


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We’re big fans of the original Endura MT500 Burner Pant, it looks good and offers great durability and protection. This new Lite version is arguably better for trail riders though, because it’s incredibly light at 268g, or nearly half the weight of the downhill pant. So how does this new lightweight, three season option from Endura compare to the best mountain bike trousers/pants we’ve tested?


Part of the weight saving comes from the omission of the 3D moulded knee protection, and ratchet retention strap, instead on the waist is a standard popper and velcro closure, with velcro straps on either hip to dial in the fit. You’re still treated to a zip fly, something Endura could do away with to save even more weight, as seen on the Fox Flexair pant.

Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant

Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant has light and simple but functional waist adjustment

The Burner Lite is made from four-way stretch fabric but it’s thinner than the original Burner pant’s weave and the slimmer cut with less bagginess to the legs means there’s a lot less material overall.

The shape of the Burner Lite is an improvement too, it’s not skin tight like the Specialized Trail Pant but there’s certainly nothing flapping in the breeze. Endura – with input from the Athertons – has sensibly made space for kneepads though, and the slim cut seems to better cradle pads and keep them snugged into place. There are zippered hand pockets either side too, which hold your car key and phone without slipping around too much.

Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant

This trail trouser uses a lighter fabric and has a slimmer fit compared to the original MT500 Burner pant


Pants are never going to be as breezy as shorts, but the Burner Lite comes closer to any I’ve tried thanks to the lightweight material that feels breezy, and never clammy. There are also laser cut holes galore, with a score or more either side of the knee to draw in air. Follow them round and there’s a stretchy, perforated mesh behind too that serves the dual purpose of adding comfort when pedalling, and sucking air through. I’m happy in the Burner Lite up to 20°C or so, which means I’ve been wearing them all this summer without problems.

Thinner material is of course going to be more susceptible to wear, and with no reinforcement around the seat it’s only a matter of time. That said, I’ve used the Burner Lite for four months now without any signs of breaking through, and I’ve laid it down twice without tearing through the knees. Perhaps the nature of the pant as fair-weather workwear means it’s less likely to be rinsed in the first place. I’ve certainly not ridden in rainy weather that makes a gritty grinding paste on your saddle.

Endura also offers a women’s fit Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant, in two colour options and six sizes.


The Burner Lite is cheap for a premium brand and by today’s standards, at less than £100. The cut is excellent, it’s comfy, the length and width perfect and it’s the most breathable pant I’ve worn.


Colours:Black, green, turquoise