They work great, come in a ton of colours, and cost under £40, so what’s not to love?

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Burgtec MK4 composite pedals


Burgtec MK4 composite pedals review


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Burgtec MK4 composite pedals’ 16mm tall composite platform is a close approximation of the alloy version, with 1mm concave cut away in the centre.

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Burgtec’s reputation’s built on making super-tough platform pedals. With over a decade of development, the brand’s aluminium Burgtec Penthouse flat is on its fourth revision, and has shed weight, refined durability and perfected the shape along the way. This composite pedal brings all that know-how for less cash by using cheaper materials.

The Penthouse is proven durable and plenty grippy, but some riders found the inboard platform positioning (to increase ground clearance leant over) meant shoes rubbed the cranks. Burgtec addressed this with an aftermarket Boost axle that places pedals 5mm further out for a wider stance, and a wider axle is standard on these new composite versions too.

Plastic actually makes this 60g a pair lighter and also cheaper to make. In order to meet the forty quid price point, there’s a cheaper, hardened steel axle and the lower grade (still sealed) bearings and bushing design than the Penthouse IV though, so presumably potential resistance to contamination and crud will be reduced. A mate’s and mine are still running fine though after a few months.

Burgtec has platform shape and pin placement dialled, so it feels totally sorted under foot, and the sharper, narrower, traction pins are even gripper than on the alloy version. Traction’s superb then, and the platforms not so massive it catches on the ground all the time either.

Of all the composite flat pedals out there, Burgtec’s now has one of the best shapes and functionality. The five quid cheaper (and glamorously-named!) HT PA03A pedal comes close, but while that has thicker plastic studs inboard, Burgtec has fully swappable, bottom feeding steel pins for ease of replacement.

Yes, the bearing and axle quality is lesser than premium pedals, but they work great, come in a ton of colours, and cost under £40, so what’s not to love?


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