They work great, come in a ton of colours, and cost under £40, so what’s not to love?

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Burgtec MK4 composite pedals


Burgtec MK4 composite pedals review


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Burgtec MK4 composite pedals’ 16mm tall composite platform is a close approximation of the alloy version, with 1mm concave cut away in the centre.

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This composite pedal is based on Burgtec’s Penthouse flat. The brand’s been making and refining this pedal for over a decade, and the shape here is based on the fourth Penthouse revision. Made from plastic rather than aluminium, it’s actually considerably lighter as a result.

The UK-designed Penthouse has proven tough with durable internals and is grippy, but some riders found the stubby axle led to the platform sitting overly inboard, which meant shoes rubbed on cranks. Burgtec has now addressed this with an all-new MK V pedal design, but this composite version cures it with a wider axle placing pedals 5mm further out for a broader stance derived from its aftermarket ‘Boost’ axle that’s designed as a MK IV upgrade.

The 16mm tall glass fibre and nylon platform is a close approximation of the alloy profile, with a 1mm deeper concave cut away in the centre. The material choice makes it 60g a pair lighter, and also superb value at under £40. In order to meet the price point, there’s a cheaper grade, hardened steel axle and lower quality (still sealed) bearings and bushings than in the brand’s premium offerings. This likely means resistance to contamination and crud is reduced, but we’ve seen decent durability through the winter on two test pairs.

Burgtec has platform shape and pin placement totally dialled, so this pedal is rock solid and stable under foot, and the sharper, narrower, traction pins here are even gripper than on the alloy version; itself one of the most locked-down available. Shoe hold is superb then, and the platform is not so massive that it catches on the ground all the time either.

Of all the composite flat pedals here, Burgtec’s has the best shape and also the sharpest bite into shoe soles. Using fully swappable, bottom feeding steel pins for ease of replacement is a nice touch too.

The bearing and axle quality here can’t match some premium pedals on test, but functionality, feel and grip is superb, and coming in a ton of colours for under £40, these are easily our favourite composite pedals around.


Dimensions:101 x 97mm
Colours:8 options