Jamie Darlow

Front Section Editor

Jamie Darlow

Position: Front Section Editor

Mostly rides: Surrey Hills/South Downs

Height: 6ft 1in (185cm)

Weight: 78kg

Writer and tester for mbr magazine. Jamie writes features for the magazine, and tests everything from helmets to tyres. He also edits the front section of mbr, Buzz, and contributes to the website. Lives in the South Downs, loves all-day rides. Married with three children, he loves travelling with work – if mainly for the extra sleep and chance of some peace and quiet.




A place for everything and everything in its place

The humble van, beloved of builders, getaway drivers and mountain bikers alike, it’s also one half of a double life for the MTBVanLife guys.

VHS 2.0 Slapper Tape

The VHS 2.0 Slapper Tape is miles better than those neoprene guides you can buy online, but it’s also more than twice as pricey as most of them.

Gary Fisher on a hillside desolate

The godfather of mountain biking tells us about his Hollywood history, inventing the first klunkers, and his plans for a global trail network.

Smith Mainline helmet

The Smith Mainline helmet boasts excellent air flow, a reasonable weight and some of the best looks I’ve seen on a full face helmet.