No-risk suggestions for the dirty person in your life: surefire Christmas gifts for mountain bikers

Here are solid ideas for Christmas gifts for mountain bikers in your life. Every budget and every type of mountain biker is catered for in this little lot.

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Or if you are that mountain biker yourself, send this page to the person who needs help choosing you a decent prezzie.

Christmas gifts for mountain bikers

In ascending order of price, here are our top twenty pics of gifts that any mountain biker would be happy to find under the (bicycle-themed) wrapping paper.

All of the brands and products here are ones we’d recommend from the regular, independent testing that we carry out every week. So these are either specific products that we’ve ridden and rated, or at the very least are brands we’re familiar with and rate highly.

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Christmas gifts for mountain bikers under £20

christmas gift mountain biker

One bike, two bikes, three bikes, more! mug

Try and ignore the road bike graphic and concentrate on the message instead. You can never have too many bikes. Amen to that. An ideal mug for use at home or in the workplace.

Buy Now: Velolove cycling mug from Wiggle was £13.00, now £10.40

christmas gift mountain biker

Viewranger smartphone mapping gift voucher

Although proper GPS devices with built in mapping are great, they are extremely expensive (and that’s before you even start buying the mapping tiles – ouch!) More and more riders are turning to their smartphones to be their on trail ‘satnav’. And the Viewranger smartphone app is widely regarded as the best navigational app out there for mountain biking. The app is free but the map zones cost money. That’s what this gift voucher will get you – Ordnance Survey’s fabulous mapping. Currently available from £15.00

christmas gift mountain biker


Stylish and contemporary designer art prints of the world’s best trails. A simple idea executed extremely well. Currently available for £15.00

christmas gift mountain biker

Wera Multi Colour Ball End Hexagon Key Set

No one needs these. But everyone wants them. The colour coding of the tools can be useful sometimes but at the end of the day, it’s just nice to have some colour in your toolbox and in your grimy hands as you fettle your bike. And if you’re still using your multitool for working on your bike at home – STOP IT! Get some proper stay-at-home ball-ended Allen keys and make life easier for yourself. You’ll not regret it. Currently available for £19.99

christmas gift mountain biker

Personalised Ordnance Survey map

Did yo know you can get proper OS map based around specific locations such as your house post code? Well, you can. And very handy they are too for exploring your local trail network. Especially useful if someone lives on the edge of an exisitng OS map and needs multiple maps for navigating. Currently available for £16.99

christmas gift mountain biker

Yes, socks

For those unfortunate people who don’t ride mountain bikes, getting socks for Christmas is something of a downer. But if you’re a mountain biker and you get some suitably on-trend and rad riding socks, it’s a very wonderful thing. Currently available for £16.00

christmas gift mountain biker

Big Bobble Hats

Treat yourself to a warm, cost Big Bobble Hat this winter, perfect for after a chilly bike ride. As Official Supplier of the 2019 UCI Cyclo-cross Championships in Bogense, Denmark and an official UCI supporter they are offering a 10 per cent discount on their fabulous range including the only official UCI Big Bobble Hat. Use the code CWXMAS18 at the checkout to claim your discount. Be Bold, be Bright, be Seen this winter with a Big Bobble Hat!

christmas gift mountain biker

Schwalbe Tyre Tread Cutters

Do you know someone who spends whole evening’s snuggling up to their collection of tyres? Do they spend whole rides/days/weekends/holidays discussing durometers? This is the tool for them. Currently available for £19.99

christmas gift mountain biker

Fox Camo Wallet

Everyone needs money and everyone needs somewhere to store said money. Don’t go the boring route and get something from M&S or Debenhams, get your significant other a proper bike-branded cash carrying device. Currently available for £12.99

Christmas gifts for mountain bikers under £30

christmas gift mountain biker

E.thirteen tubeless valves

Pieces of jewellery that are probably something you’d never buy normally but once you’ve got them they turn out to be really rather useful. They’ll fit any tubeless rim (via different o-rings). They’re lighter than bog standard steel valves. The best thing about them though – other than being available in colours – is that it’s quick and easy to unscrew the valve core and the remaining valve body is wider bore than normal. This makes it easier and more consistent to inflate tricky tyre/rim combinations. Currently available for £25.96

mbrsubchristmas gift mountain biker

Subscription to mbr

Why subscribe to MBR magazine? Because we’ve got something for every budget and every type of rider. 13 times a year, you’ll be getting the best bike and product testing, four free route guides from all over the UK; riding advice, fitness tips, exclusive first looks at new equipment, our buyers guide and foolproof lessons on how to fix your bike. That’s why.

Currently available for £22.49


X-Tools torque wrench set

A tool to make sure you aren’t over-tightening or under-tightening your nuts and bolts. This is one of those tools that’s always on riders’ lists to get one day. But that day never comes because torque wrenches are usually a tad on the expensive side and there’s always something shinier to buy instead. Currently available for £28.49

christmas gift mountain biker

Torq mince pie flavour energy bars

Mince pie flavoured energy bars! What more do you need to know? Currently available for £26.35 (box of 15 bars)

christmas gift mountain biker

Clas Ohlson Shoe Dryer

Soggy shoes – especially flat pedal shoes like Five Tens – are the bane of all British mountain bikers. Banish damp shoes with this excellent device. Built-in timer and two power/heat settings. Currently available for only £24.99

christmas gift mountain biker

Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

This is a gift that is not only extremely useful but can also save the lucky recipient a bundle of money over the ensuing years. YouTube videos are all well and good but sometimes you need something written down, step-by-step with clear photographs. Currently available for £24.29

christmas gift mountain biker

Custom stem cap

Choose one of many existing designs 0 such as this Homer-tastic donut design above – or design your very own stem cap using an online builder. Currently available for £24.95

Christmas gifts for mountain bikers under £50

christmas gift mountain biker

Uplift day gift voucher – from £32.00

A day spent doing nothing but descending. And progressing your skills. It’s amazing how much better you can get at descending when you spend a concentrated day doing but that on a bunch of fun tracks that allow sessioning and ample variation to stop it becoming dull. A great prezzie and something to look forward to in the spring.

Forest of Dean uplift voucher – £32.00
Antur Stiniog uplift  voucher – £32.50
FlyUp uplift voucher – 15% off
Bikepark Wales uplift voucher – £choose

christmas gift mountain biker

Strava Premium

You can buy Strava Premium for someone else. Americans call it ‘gifting’ but that doesn’t feel right to us Brits. Anyway, buying someone Strava Premium may result in them never relaxing on a ride ever. You have been warned. Currently available for £39.99 (annual subscription)

christmas gift mountain biker

Silca Italian Army Knife

The world didn’t need any more cycling multi tools. And then the Silca Italian Army Knife came along. The world still doesn’t need any more multi tools but the world most certainly wants this one. Gorgeous. Currently available for £30.00

christmas gift mountain biker

Invisiframe premium frame protection

Keep someone’s new pride and joy looking sharp – and retain a greater resale value – by getting an Invisiframe protection kit. Another idea is to book them in with a bike wrapping service. Currently available for £47.99

Christmas gifts for mountain bikers under £100

christmas gift mountain biker

Coffee subscription – £75.00

Bikes and beans go together like tea and biscuits. This is a primo caffeine dealer who will send out a specially selected pack of new beans to you every couple of weeks complete with all sorts of tasting notes and info as to where and how the beans the grown and roasted etc. Currently available from £75.00

christmas gift mountain biker

Mobi V-15 portable pressure washer

The concept of the portable washer is brilliant — rinse your bike at the end of the ride before the mud dries, and that weekly winter wash becomes a chore no more. Currently available for £89.99

christmas gift mountain biker

OneUp EDC Tool System

Currently available for $59.00

One of the most talked about new fangled gadgets of 2017, OneUp’s unique hidden-in-the-steerer multitool is an enduro racer’s dream. It’s not cheap once you add in the requisite steerer threading tool but it’s something that will never get tired of being used.

More Christmas gifts for mountain bikers

Looking to treat the trail addict on your life this Christmas? Drawing up your own off-road themed list for Santa? Get inspired with a range of gifts and goodies that will make you want to just get out and ride.

mtb hopper manual machine

Manual machine

Will help you master the coasting wheelie by letting you find and hold the balance point with your bike locked into a stationary rack. No more fear of falling off the back, but all the cred of being able to cruise through the car park on your back wheel.

Cycling art and gifts

A stunning selection of cycling-themed art and gifts from award-winning Tour de Yorkshire artist, Lucy Pittaway. Form striking prints from just £49, to seasonal cycling mugs, Christmas cards, calendars, notebooks and more, there is something for every cycling fan this Christmas! Delivered direct to your door in time for Christmas.


Weatherproof fabric maps are the unique MTB Christmas gift. Put their place at the centre (anywhere, world-wide!), their title on the map and pick the ideal format for their adventure. Perfect trail finders, award winning SplashMaps are tough and don’t need signal, batteries or folding skills. Starting at just £, upgrades include versatile headwear “Toobs” and supersized route-planning shower curtains!


Treat yourself to the ultimate in cycling-specific prescription eyewear with a range of frames and inserts including polarising, yellow contrast, mirrored revo, aqua night vision and clear lenses. Includes cleaning cloth, sports band, hard and soft cases. To purchase call: 0844 456 20 20. Prescription lenses: SingleVision: £89; Bifocal: £119; Varifocal: £169.

Ridepac presented by Velopac

Arrive at the coffee stop in style with your phone and valuables organised, safe and dry in a Ridepac. Choose MINI for old sub-5in devices including iphone 5/6 or STANDARD for larger devices up to and including iphone X, 6 Plus etc. Proudly British-made and available in a range of stylish Spencer Wilson designs or plain colours to ensure you stand out from the cycling crowd!


This lovely hand-crafted photo frame in the shape of a bicycle, makes a lovely Christmas present for any cyclist and is the perfect way to show off those great cycling moments. The bicycle photo frame measures 28cm x 14cm x 2cm and has two spaces for 9cm diameter photographs. Alternatively, choose from over 4,000 other cycling gifts, Christmas cards and Christmas decorations at CycleMiles – £12.95.


The Stamap Active 20 GPS unit has a unique “DualCOntrol” touchscreen and buttons that can be operated with one hand. There’s a large, bright 3.5in hi-res HVGA screen for crystal clear mapping and a huge capacity for the full range of OS GB maps (1:10k, 1:25k, 1:50k) or 450 other global maps, with super-fast software. Accuracy is superb, with GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/EGNOS enhancing outdoor safety. There’s a 3-axis electronic-compass and full Wi-Fi connectivity. High-cpacity rechargeable LiPol/AA batteries run for 16 hours and there’s a a quadlock bike and vehicle mounting system. Very rugged (IP68/IK07), with 2.5mm extra-tough Gorilla-Glass screen. 100% UK conceived, designed and manufactured. The ideal all-round Sports GPS.


“Dear Santa, I’d like to stop using Ikea bags for my riding kit but I’m clueless as to what to use.” Enter the Dirtbag from Booicore. It’s huge, it’s durable, it has two massive compartments inside for separating your dirty kit from your clean clothes, plus other pockets for your phone and shoes. It makes a great Christmas gift as it’s not going to break the bank and it’s an essential bit of kit that once you use, you won’t know how you got by without it. Made from durable PVC-coated heavy-duty polyester, it’s designed for your use and abuse. Finally you can keep it a secret why you didn’t go to Rev’s last weekend (they won’t know you were in Ikea).

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Frog Bikes

The 26in-wheeled junior mountain bike is suitable for 10-12 year olds with a minimum inside leg measurement of 69cm. The Frog MTB 69 features a lightweight but sturdy frame with an oversized handlebar and stem and junior-specific 26in air-sprung suspension fork with lockout and damping control.  Easy-to-reach hydraulic brakes are designed for smaller hands and there’s a Shimano rapid-fire nine-speed shift lever and patented Frog cranks for easier pedalling. The MTB 69 also comes with Kenda MTB tyres and a five-year warranty on the frame. Price: £600; Weight: 11.4kg; Wheel: 26in. Available colours: Metallic Grey and Neon Green OR Metallic Grey and Neon Red.

Saracen Mantra 2.0

The Mantra 2.0 features a lightweight alloy frame and is designed for go-anywhere riding with a Spinner Grind Air suspension fork. With a serious set-up that features a dedicated 1×8 drivetrain and simple-to-use Shimano trigger shifters, the low step-over frame on both bikes means they ar perfect for building confidence on all terrains and can fit children from five years of age.