It's the turn of all the other bits...

We’ve been featuring a lot of new kit in Arrivals over the last few months. So with that in mind, we thought it must be about time to look back at some of our favourite bits of tech. Most have had a thorough thrashing already and have reviews up on the site or have been in the mag.

So without further ado, we give you the best of the accessories and clothing featured (in no particular order!):

1. OneUp Components EDC Tool

Price: $59 (£45.25) for the tool, $35 (£26.84) for the tap kit, $25 (£19.17) for the top cap

From: OneUp Components

Since first clapping eyes on the ingenious EDC (Every Day Carry) tool ensconced in Ritchie Rude’s steerer tube we’ve wanted to get our hands on one. We think sticking tools and kit to your bike makes for a much more enjoyable riding experience than having to lug a backpack everywhere.

OneUp components EDC tool

This just slips into your steerer tube…

The EDC puts a multitool, chaintool, tyre lever, CO2 cartridge and spare chainring bolt out of the way in your fork steerer. Okay, you’ll have to tap a thread into the steerer before you can fit it and you’ll need the top cap kit as well so it’s not cheap. But once it’s done you’ll never forget your spares and tools again.

…and features all of these tools.

2. Dirtlej Dirtsuit Classic

Price: €199

From: Dirtlej

Dirtlej dirtsuit

The Dirtsuit is a genius piece of kit for autumn and winter riding that we can’t quite belive someone hasn’t tried something like it before. It consists of a fully waterproof and breathable jacket combined with a pair of waterproof shorts to make a weatherproof ‘onesie’. The idea behind it is that for wet and sloppy riding you avoid the nasty gap between the two separate garments and effectively seal out the weather. Finish the ride and then strip out of it easily. There are a plethora of large zipped vents strategically placed around it to keep you cool. Plus four fully waterproof pockets. If the green is a little too bright, Dirtlej also produce a black version.

3. Hiplok Z-Lok

Price: £14.99 for two


Just the thing for carrying in your pack in case you fancy an end of ride pint and don’t want to leave your bike unattended or for use on a car rack. The Z-Lok is an armoured reusable zip-tie that, whilst not being massively secure, will at least prevent some undesirable running off with your pride and joy. You get two in a pack and the little key that provides release.

Hiplok Z-lok review

Hiplok Z-Lok

4. 5:10 Freerider Pro shoes

Price: £110.00

I don’t think much needs to be said about the new Freerider Pro from 5:10. It uses the Stealth S1 rubber sole, pretty much The sole that all brands want to beat for flat pedal grippiness. Matched to this grip is a low pro, weather resistant upper and you have another potential winner…

5:10 Freerider Pro review

Five Ten Freeride Pro

5. Schwalbe Tire Booster

Price: £55.00

Now that we are all running tubeless (you are aren’t you?) Having a reliable inflator is almost a necessity for those that like to chop and change between tyres. Just pump it up with your normal trackpump (up to 160psi), screw on the hose and turn the lever. Voila, instant inflation. If the Schwalbe Tire Booster looks familiar it’s because it is a licensed version of the ever popular Airshot…

Schwalbe Tire Booster

6. Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet

Price: £150.00

From: Saddleback

Okay, this isn’t a new helmet and we’ve featured it before in both reviews and on this very page. But what is new is the colour! Troy Lee has released their flagship trail/enduro helmet in some new colour schemes for 2018, including this tasty ‘Sunburst Ocean’ blue and black number.

7. Giro Blok goggles

Price: £69.99

The latest Blok goggles from Giro feature Expansion View Technology (EXV) to give a large field of vision in a very comfortable soft frame. Comes with a spare clear lens and a pack of tear-offs (not that we condone their use from a litter standpoint)…

Giro Blok goggle review

Giro Blok

8. Fassa Defender bike cover

Price: £100
From: Fassa

We loved Fassa’s padded Separator, awarding it our coveted 10 out of 10, for providing protection for your pride and joy when travelling in a car or van.

Well now Fassa has developed the Defender as the big brother to the Separator. This wraps over both sides of the bike (compared to the single sided Separator) and closes with loads of velcro strips to encase the bike almost completely for added protection. two additional straps keep it in place and can be used to lift the whole unit, with bike in situ.

The material used is the same as the separator so should prove more than capable of standing up to the rigours of daily use.

fassa defender

9. Olfi one.five 4k HDR Action Camera

Price: £149.99


Olli one.five

Olfi’s £149.99 one.five camera meets all the requirements if you are looking for a neat action cam to capture footage of your riding exploits. It films 4K at 24 FPS (Frames Per Second) and 1080p HD at up to 60 FPS for smooth footage. The Sony Exmoor CMOS sensor is even gyro stabilized to reduce the inevitable shaking. User adjustable settings include ISO, colour and metering for proper professional results. Use it naked for better sound quality or with the waterproof case for better weatherproofing. It fits all standard GoPro style mounts.

Olfi One.Five Review

The waterproof housing can take it down to 30 metres (perfect for riding through puddles)

10. Muc-Off Premium MTB Kit box

Price: £49.00
From: Muc-Off

much off premium mtb kit

What’s in the box?

When a nondescript, huge black box arrives, you know it’s going to be either a very very bad thing or a very very good thing. Fortunately, this huge black box has arrived from our friends at Muc-Off and it’s got a name; the Premium Kit box. Open it up and you have everything one might need to lavish and treat your faithful partner. There’s everything from the staples (Muc-Off Bike Cleaner and Bike Protector) to more luxury items such as C3 Ceramic wet lube and smart Microfibre polishing cloth. The kit also contains brushes and sponges to help with all aspects of cleaning. We daren’t mention the C word, but this could make a brilliant present for cleaning obsessed riders. We worked it out and if you were to buy all the bits separately, it would cost you £76!

much off premium mtb kit

Everything you need to look after your beloved bike.

So there you go. Let us know what you think have been the best bits of kit in the last year. Next week it’s back to business as usual with Arrivals. Until then, adieu.