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Fassa Separator


Fassa Separator review


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The Fassa Separator does what it says on the tin. It fits between bikes to stop them being scratched when they’re being transported.

Either upright in the back of a van or laid flat in the boot of your car. To keep it in place you wrap the large Velcro straps round the frame tubes and the mat is long enough to cover even the biggest bikes, such as Mondrakers.

Build quality is good with the Separator being constructed from a wipe clean nylon. It also has a small amount if padding, which means you can stuff it inside a bike bag to add a bit of extra protection.

This also means you have something to protect your bike if you’re taking a shuttle or transporting it around in the hire car.

There’s also a bit of inherent stiffness, which means if you use it as a cover it won’t fold up or snag on pedals or components, something that is annoyingly about a blanket or bed sheet.

fassa separator

It doesn’t look like much but I’ve used the Separator constantly over the last few months, transporting bikes in the MBR Vito, covering a bike in my own car, even as a changing mat after a big ride. In fact I’m sure there are other uses that I’ve not even thought of yet.

Despite the hardwearing face fabric the Separator is sporting few nicks and cuts but I’ve found it invaluable. Yes it’s expensive but it has so many uses that I actually think it is money well spent.


Size:185cm x 90cm