The third in a four-part ‘farewell series’ of videos from the legend that is Steve Peat sees Northern Monkeys battling it out with the Southern Fairies.

In this highly entertaining episode, Steve Peat rounds up some fellow norvenners – Josh Lewis, Sam Dale, Matt Hockenhull – to bike battle some suvverners on southern terrain. The S4P Bike Park to be precise, at first anyway.

The opponents? Brendan Fairclough, Liam Mason, Olly Wilkins, Jono Jones and Ben Deakin.

The battle(s)?

The first half of the competition in based on dirt jumps and rhythm sections and it’s hilarious/heartening to watch Downhill stars riding out of their element. The sight of Steve Peat on dirt jumps is quite the sight.

For the latter part of the competition the action moves into the woodlands – Peaslake and the Surrey Hills – and the big boys stamp their authority down.

But who wins – the North of the South?

Watch the vid. Although it’s a long one (23 mins) it’s well worth it.

Watch it tonight instead of Coronation Street/Eastenders.

Video description

Steel City Media: “Steve Peat and the northern monkeys venture down south to challenge Brendan Fairclough and the rest of his merry men to a battle that could decide the fate of man-kind…. Well, kind of.”