Wide open views from Giro's range topping, MTB specific goggle

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Giro Blok MTB


  • Range of vision.
  • Comfort.
  • Easy lens swap.


  • Price.
  • Loose fit at the sides.


Giro Blok MTB Goggle review


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Put the Giro Blok MTB on and the first thing that hits you is the clear, almost completely uninterrupted field of vision.

There’s no getting away from the fact that goggles are everywhere. Thanks to the booming enduro scene you can’t hit a trail centre without seeing riders sporting the open face/goggle uniform that marks a rider out as being of the enduro inclination. So is the Giro Blok MTB a goggle to lust after or gloss over?

Giro Blok MTB Goggle review

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Like goggles, but better.

Put the Blok MTB on and the first thing that hits you is the clear, almost completely uninterrupted field of vision. It manages this humungous vision without being overly bulbous, quirky or lairy (well, if you don’t choose the fluoro orange option!);  just like a ‘normal’ pair of goggles, just a little bigger. It’s almost like Giro have some expertise with all things head related or something. This more traditional shaping along with the butter soft frame material helps the Blok conform to almost every helmet and face shape without issue.

giro blok

The Blok work well with almost every helmet.

Comfortably good

In fact one of the most noticeable things about the Blok is just how little you actually notice them. The typical foam cushioning is covered in a super soft fleece-like material, leaving very few pressure points. I often get issues with other goggles slightly pinching my nose and causing a little restriction to breathing. With the Blok there were no such issues, good news indeed for enduro riders needing to push hard on stages. Ventilation is on a par with the best, any steam issues quickly clear with a bit of airflow.

Ventilation is perfectly adequate.

Just like other premium priced goggles, the Blok comes with two different lenses in the box; one mirrored, one clear. Changing lenses is a simple process thanks to the malleable frame. The clear has been my preferred option for most riding situations but on a recent trip to Italy, the mirrored lens proved to be an excellent choice for a range of light conditions. And that’s down to the fact that it lets in more light than you think. It kind of takes the edge off the sunshine and casts everything with a cool and clear blue tint. This blue cast adds clarity and depth to the trails without punishing the eyes when going from bright open environments to darker forests and back.

giro blok

As you can see, the mirrored lens actually casts a depth enhancing blue tint over your vision.

You even get a pack of ten tear-offs in the pack. But to be honest we don’t really advocate their use, mainly due to the litter issue these things can cause.

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Padding problems

The Blok isn’t perfect though and I have a little bugbear with the design. Over time, the foam padding has suffered from severe compression at both sides. Now in itself this wouldn’t be too much of an issue  but the Blok’s frame also has a gap in its structure at each side. Putting the goggle on forces the padding into this opening and creating a little air gap between goggle and face.

giro blok

It’s this gap in the frame that causes the padding to move away from the face and create a wind gap.

The reason why this is an issue? This gap allows dust (remember that stuff?) and wind to enter, which can cause issues with vision. And no amount of tightening prevented this from happening. It’s a pity that Giro (and other companies) haven’t come up with a way of easily changing the padding for when it reaches the end of its practical life.


One of the best sets of goggles out at the moment. The Giro Blok give the rider an almost uninterrupted field of view, which is pretty much what you need from your eyewear. Lens clarity is particularly good with the blue tinted mirror lens. Overall an excellent goggle choice for all types of gravity based riding.