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Five Ten Freerider Pro


Five Ten Freerider Pro shoe review


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Many brands have tried to step on the toes if Five Ten, but all have stumbled at the final and most important hurdle: outright grip. The secret to Five Ten’s success is its rubbery sorcery, and the dotty Stealth sole on the Freerider Pro delivers astounding grip. Much more durable than previous incarnations yet lightweight and comfortable, this brilliant shoe actually costs the same as many of its closest rivals, but walks all over them on rough terrain.

As the name suggests, the Five Ten Freerider Pro is a beefed-up version of the standard Freerider. These ‘Pro’ features adds to the price.

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The Freerider Pro is a kind of halfway house between the thinner-soled Freerider range, and the heavier-duty Impact line. It has a stiffer mid sole than its slim outside profile suggests, but still offers great pedal feel and connection to the bike underneath, at least once bedded in. There’s good impact absorption against repeated hits to stop feet tiring on the longest and roughest descents too.

It almost goes without saying that Five Ten’s dotted Stealth rubber sole offers class-leading pedal grip. With a properly locked-on feel, this shoe has the best hold on test, offering maximum confidence against bouncing or twisting around, even in DH-level terrain on a short travel rig. The tread design also works well hiking back up slippy trails or mountains if you need it too.

This Pro version is around twenty-five quid more cash than the original Five Ten Freerider, but lighter and also significantly sturdier, and still retains excellent crank clearance with its slim profile at the ankle. The new reinforced toe box uses an impact-hardening foam insert that’s proven its worth repeatedly in impacts too, and the whole package feels secure and safe smashing through rocks.

With extra abrasion-resistant scuff guards and a stitched on sole, durability has been impressive over twelve months. After a few rides to conform to feet and pedals, the Freerider Pro continually wears out and stretches, rather than failing catastrophically. So while soles have peeled off and uppers fallen apart on some Five Tens recently, this Pro lives up to its name.

With outstanding grip, ease of cleaning, great foot support and sorted protection, this is currently the best flat pedal shoe on the market for trail riding.


Weight:780g pair
Sizes:5 to 13.5