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Five Ten Freerider Pro


Five Ten Freerider Pro shoe review


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As the name suggests, the Five Ten Freerider Pro is a beefed-up version of the standard Freerider. These ‘Pro’ features add £25 to the price.

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But for that you get extra reinforcement around the toe box, a 3mm layer of self-hardening, Porone smart foam on the inside and large abrasion-resistant scuff guards front and rear.

The Pro still uses the S1 rubber compound sole with Five Ten’s signature dotty pattern running along the bottom. Grip is on a par with the stock model, but durability has been improved with none of the accelerated wear of the original, especially where the sharp pedal pins dig in.

The EVA midsole is a little stiffer that Five Ten Freerider, so the shoe doesn’t flex as much round the pedal. It’s a little thicker too, so you can’t push the sole right into a concave platform, but, there’s definitely more shock absorption, which is handy when riding rocky terrain. Sole stiffness actually feels a lot like the Five Ten Impact VXi, but the Pro is a much slimmer, especially at the back, and has greater crank and heel clearance. It’s equally comfortable though and is really generous in the toe area – which is great for those long hard days in the saddle.

With the whole front end of the shoe formed in one piece, the Pro is also a lot more water resistant. The synthetic material is also easier to keep clean and doesn’t hold onto the dirt like the standard Freerider.

Compared to the base model, you’re be paying £25 more for the Pro, but this shoe is a real step-up in terms of build quality, and easily worth the up charge. It’s also more substantial and solid feeling, and that’s despite being over a 100g lighter. If you ride flat pedals and want a shoe that grips we’d always recommend Five Ten, the difference now is the company has finally built a trail shoe that will go the distance.