Giggle at people sliding about in the mud

‘Tis the season to be muddy, so we’ve put together a little video compilation that celebrates all that’s great about riding in the mud.

Basically slippy slidey trails and laughing at your friends crashing.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s pretty wet out there…

You know when you’re so wet you can’t actually get any wetter? This is the same, just with mud, looks like these guys have been taking a mud bath.

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That little yelp you just can’t help making when you think you’re going to crash. Great little singletrack video too.

Mud on mud. On mud. Fender doing its job though, it looks like.

How bloody childish can you get? Finding a puddle to pile into and flinging all the muddy water out of there, this guy needs to grow up. Just kidding, he’s doing a great service for the trails and everyone coming after him.

It’s surprising how little mud there actually is in this vid from BikePark Wales, on board with Tam from BTR. It’s raining hard enough though.

It is a tad wet out on the South Downs Way ! ? #mtb #mountainbike #muddyride #trails #SDW

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Nowhere does mud quite like the South Downs, it’s just about the greasiest place to ride in the UK thanks to the chalk in the trails. Loving this monster puddles.

The classic, but still worth another watch. Danny Hart from the 2011 World Champs in Champery, riding like there isn’t any mud on the trails at all. Incredible.