When Darklight was revealed a week ago we were blown away by the superb lighting and incredible riding. Now you can get even closer to the action as TomTom has released the riders’ helmet camera footage.

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For those that missed the original video, it showed Matty Miles, Graham Agassiz and Matt Hunter riding in the dark over scenery lit up like the London Eye on New Year’s Eve. It may be an advert for Philips TVs, but if all adverts were like this we’d look forward to them more than actual television shows.

We think it offers a great perspective on the action and we especially love the shot where the riders jump through the boughs of a tree. Although it does have to be said that the camera seems to struggle with the contrasting light.

The TomTom Bandit is a GoPro rival that allows users to instantly edit footage using an app on their phone. The app can also auto-edit the footage you create and upload it to social media for you. TomTom seems pretty keen to target the mountain biking market with this camera as it has also signed Danny Hart as an ambassador.

The Bandit costs £299.99, for more information click here.