Simple security to prevent opportunist thefts.

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Hiplok Z Lok


  • Lightweight and convenient to carry.
  • Supplied as a pack of two.


  • Not a replacement for a proper lock.


Hiplok Z Lok Cable Lock review


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The Hiplok Z Lok is inherently a reusable ziptie; a simple strap that’s designed to stop opportunist thieves that might nab your bike while your attention is elsewhere. What makes it different is it has an armoured core and is simple to use, and actually it’s handy enough that we class it one of the best bike locks for mountain bikes – for a specific purpose.

The Hiplok Z-Lok is one of those items that as soon as you start using it will become almost indispensable.

The core is a strip of steel running the length of the tie, meaning that it takes an awful lot more effort to cut through than is required with a standard ziptie.

Hiplok Z-Lok

Secure your bike temporarily using either one or both of the Z-Loks.

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Hiplok Z Lok is easy as ABC

Supplied in a pack of two, each Z Lok measures 40cm in length and weighs in at a minuscule 18 grams. It’s available in three different colours, depending on if you want it to stand out or blend in.

Owing to the design and weight, they take up very little room in a pack or can even be rolled up in a pocket.

To use, simply wrap around an immovable object and thread through your bike frame; funnily enough, just like a normal lock. If one isn’t quite long enough then two or more can be joined together to be a bit more practical.

hiplok z-lok

The simple, two-pronged key conveniently fits on a keyring.

To release, simply insert the provided two-pronged key into the obvious holes and pull the cable apart. Easy and quick.

Hiplok Z-Lok

Push the key into place and the steel teeth retract, enabling you to pull the Z-Lok apart.

The Z Lok is the perfect accompaniment to a ride that might finish at your favourite watering hole, or as extra piece of mind to hold things in place on a car rack. In fact, its uses stretch far beyond those applications.

Okay, it’s no replacement for a proper lock, we managed to cut through one with a pair of cable cutters. But as a simple deterrent against opportunists, the Z-Lok is a great idea.


The Hiplok Z-Lok is such a simple idea and as with most such things, it becomes almost indispensable. Whilst it might not give the reassurances of a proper lock, it's perfect for preventing someone casually walking away with your pride and joy at the refreshment stop.


Colours:Grey, Lime, Red