A heavy duty winter jacket that's better suited to e-bike riding.

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100% Hydromatic Jacket


  • Hood really keeps you protected. Generous pockets.


  • Gets hot and clammy. Doesn't pack down.


100% Hydromatic waterproof jacket review


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Like several manufacturers, 100% uses a non-branded fabric in the construction of the Hydromatic jacket. This is classed as a 2.5-layer laminate, meaning there is a polyester/elastane face fabric, a breathable membrane and either a painted-on or thin Nylon layer. We’re not sure which because you can’t really tell, and 100% wasn’t forthcoming with details. Not that it matters, as the jacket is fully waterproof. 

Initially, the DWR coating was a step-up from the Nukeproof Blackline and IXS Carve, but we did notice quite a few wet patches on the high-wear areas after we washed it. 

To boost airflow, the Hydromatic comes with a couple of cut vents just below the shoulder blades, but they’re way too small and pretty ineffective – you’re better off just undoing the front zip from the bottom. The zip is waterproof but you also get quite a broad internal storm flap, so there’s no risk of the two catching, like we experienced with the Specialized Trail Rain

You get two generous side pockets, and both feature waterproof zips, so you can stash a phone without risking water damage, and one even has a pull-out microfibre lens wipe. The Hydromatic has the biggest over-the-helmet hood on test. It comes right over the visor, and you can cinch it up really tight using the two side toggles. You do feel cocooned in this jacket, but it’s not restrictive or uncomfortable.

Those extra layers on the front do add bulk, and we did get pretty hot in this one. The extra weight also means the Hydromatic is not really packable, unless you’re riding with a huge pack. 


This is a jacket we reckon you wear all ride, but with only average breathability you will need to layer carefully to stop it feeling clammy.