Paul Burwell


Paul Burwell

A stalwart of the team, Paul Burwell or PB as he’s usually known has been involved with MBR since the late nineties. He has been mountain biking from the very start, racing for Gary Fisher and Bontrager in the UK, and now splits his time between freelance testing for MBR and his coaching and trail building company, Trail Academy. As you’d expect with several decades of experience under his belt, he’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to bike, kit and product, and if PB thinks a product is good, you’d better believe it is because he’s a hard man to impress.

SRAM disc brake rotors

Along with the lever and caliper, the brake rotor is an essential and, some would argue, the most important component of even the best disc brake system. It’s the part…

Torque wrench

There’s a couple of hundred bolts on the average mountain bike and every single one of them has a recommended torque setting. This simply means they have an optimum tightness,…