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wtb vigilante

WTB Vigilante is practical versatile tyre that’s become a UK staple. And WTB tyres have earned a good reputation as being tough and durable.

Score 7

vittoria morsa

Big in the road bike world, Vittoria is making a major MTB push. But one of their established all round trail tyres is the Vittoria Morsa.

Score 6

specialized butcher 2.6

Another brand reworking its tyres is Spesh. Bigger, meatier rubber is on the menu, like this Specialized Butcher 2.6 served up with Gripton compound.

Score 8

panaracer pandura

Panaracer Pandura TLC is a triple compound, all-mountain model with a proper two-ply DH casing. With nylon taffeta sidewall reinforcemen.

Score 7

michelin wild enduro

Some of the fastest EWS racers helped develop these Michelin Wild Enduro. They’re end specific, with different treads and construction per wheel.

Score 7

maxxis minion dhr ii

Maxxis Minion DHR II WT arguably offers the most grip of all Maxxis models suitable for mixed conditions, and works fine year round.

Score 10

goodyear newton

Goodyear's four-tyre range from pure XC models up to these Goodyear Newton Premium tyres, more suitable for trail and enduro riding.

Score 6

maxxis aggressor

Maxxis Aggressor is targeted as a bit of a do-it-all tyre, but has gained most popularity as a rear option, especially for hard-packed and dusty trails.

Score 8

kenda hellkat

The designed-for-downhill Kenda Hellkat is now available with a more trail-friendly, dual-compound ‘ATC ‘casing that’s almost 250g lighter.

Score 9

continental trail king

Continental Trail King looks familiar, but shoulder blocks are reshaped and jut out at a better angle as a result of a more rounded inflated shape.

Score 8

bontrager xr4

The Bontrager XR4 Team Issue has always claimed to be a bit of an all-rounder that can handle loose, rocky, rough, wet or dry trails.

Score 9

Industry Nine Matchstix

The Industry Nine Matchstix replaces your thru-axle with a compendium of tools. Versions to fit both Fox and RockShox forks in both Boost and non-Boost.

Score 9

avs hand guards

Standard equipment on enduro motorcycles, the AVS Hand Guards are a cut-down version for push bikes designed to protect your hands.

Score 7

Shimano Zee M640 disc

The Shimano Zee M640 disc brake comes with a Servo-Wave brake lever, 4-piston ceramic disc brake caliper, high-power hose and short lever for stiffness.

hope race evo e4

Hope Race Evo E4 takes the performance of the solid all rounder E4 caliper and sheds a few more precision grams with titanium bolts as standard.

x-fusion microlite rl

The X-Fusion Microlite RL is a rear shock for weight saving. Its priority is to help you have a bike - a XC race bike - that is as light…

Score 8

fox metah

The Fox Metah has lower coverage on the back of the head combined with 10 Big Bore vents which provide greater ventilation and reduces the weight.

five ten freerider elements

The Five Ten Freerider Elements is a water-resistant version of the standard Freerider. No mesh panels and it’s treated with a DWR coating to repel water.

Score 10