New ChainReactionCycles-Intense team

For 2008 ChainReactionCycles is going into team sponsorship, with Intense as partners and bike sponsor. The team will consist of long-standing Intense rider Chris Kovarik (Australia), World Junior DH Champion,…

New for 2008: QED tours

South West England is one of the UK’s best-kept mountain biking secrets. Lying within this small peninsula, three unique eruptions of geology combine to produce a network of world class…

Routes Q&A Feb 08

MBR's routemeister Tom Hutton helps you get from A to B then back again

Health Q&A Feb 2008

Cycling Weekly's Hannah Reynolds helps you find the wya out of your fitness hole

Garburn Winner

It only took a matter of hours and the bottle was found — congrats go out to Kevin Park from Cheshire

Garburn Coordinates

Click here to find the coordinates for our Jan 2008 Classic Killer competition.


Lockey's leaving so the office is a lot like the video to Russ Abbott's party video, Happy Atmosphere. Share the joy and watch the vid

Cwmcarn DH vid

Being based in Croydon, we're big fans of the Bill; so when the opportunity arose to take DCI Burnside to Cwmcarn we jumped at the chance.


In addition to improving the geometry, Allen Millyard has also removed half the swingarm. Yes, the Millyard bike now has a single-sided swingarm.

Specialized Pitch Pro — £1399

With an entry-level Enduro SL costing £2,000, plenty of people are crying out for an affordable alternative from the Morgan Hill crew. Bring on the Pitch.

Mongoose Teocali Super — £1499

Mongoose’s Teocali is now in its third year, and for ’08 the travel adjustments have been removed, fixing its travel at 5.75in or 147mm.

Giant Reign 2 — £1350

Bike Test: the new Giant Reign 2 gets a going over in our January 2008 bike test.