Tom Van Steenbergen may still live at home with his parents but so would you if your parents’ back garden looked like this.

Steenbergen is the star of the latest ‘This Is Home’ video from Shimano. The idea of the video series is to showcase the local trails of certain professional mountain bikers.

“Having moved halfway across the world definitely makes you feel fortunate to be living in such a rad place.” – Tom van Steenbergen.

If you’re not sure where you’ve heard the name Tom Van Steenbergen before then it’s probably from his ill-fated attempt at a ridiculously massive front flip at the 2014 Red Bull Rampage

We’re surprised that Steenbergen’s Mum – sorry, Mom – ever let him ride a bike again after that one!


Ride Shimano: “Tom Van Steenbergen is a relatively quiet and reserved guy who lets his riding do his talking for him. He first exploded into the scene with a 70 foot front flip attempt that appeared in Anthill Film’s UnReal movie in 2014. Since then, Tom has attempted another monster front flip during the 2014 Red Bull Rampage that he unfortunately wasn’t able to ride away from. Tom’s front flip attempt is widely accepted as one of the burliest freeride tricks ever attempted.”