NRA meets MTB in Capitol State Forest

Fast forward the above video to 0min 59secs to get to the shooting.

The above video shows mountain biker Scot Baldwin and his riding buddies having their ride somewhat rudely interrupted by bullets whizzing over their heads.

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It’s a video from America – obviously. Capitol State Forest near Olympia in the state of Washington to be exact.

In the video the bullets can be clearly heard zipping past the riders. The riders by which point have hit the deck and are hollering at the shooters to please knock it off (the actual language used is understandably rude by the way, so be warned).

It’s not the first time

“They couldn’t see where we were at, it was too foggy,” Baldwin told the News Tribune, “They had no idea they were shooting over the top of a trail.”

This video is not the first time such a bullet-based conflict has occurred in the area. Since 2011 there have been over 300 reports of dodgy ‘target shooting’ going on in the forest. Of those reports, 28 involved “close calls” or “near misses”. And 11 reports contain details of bullets having pierced cars, houses or buildings.

Nearby residents have been the most frequent complainants. One resident who lives on the edge of the forest, emailed officials after a bullet whizzed by her husband when he was in the yard: “My husband was outside and he said, ‘My God, I think a bullet just went by my head’”.

The Second Amendment

The forest authorities are debating whether to set up designated target shooting sites but, somewhat unbelievably, they are a bit scared of the reaction from guns rights outfits like the NRA (National Rifle Association).

“The Second Amendment folks are pretty worked up about their rights, and we respect that,” said Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark, a Democrat who isn’t seeking re-election.

Despite the worries, it seems that enough is enough and there are some public meetings planned.

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In reaction to these meetings the NRA issued a statement to its members: “The ability to target shoot on state lands is being increasingly threatened by the increased use of these lands by non-shooters.

“If non-shooters and anti-gun advocates are the loudest voices next week, these meetings will become the first step in prohibiting shooting on state lands.”