Respect the Bender

Josh Bender was a one-off. He was person who first began jumping off cliffs on a bike. No Bender, no Rampage.

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“Life’s too short not to go big” – Josh Bender.

Bender was the one who showed Red Bull where to host the Rampage as well.

Kyle Strait’s iconic no-hander in 2004 – the image that sold a ton of Specialized bikes – was off the Bender Sender jump.

Bender was criticised, mocked and always controversial in his heyday in the late nineties. But like all mad genuises, time has proven to be on his side.

“Without Bender Rampage probably wouldn’t exist” – Cameron Zink.

“Of course Bender was one of the visionaries from the start. It’s ‘cos of him. He was doing the big drops out in Utah” – Wade Simmons.

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“People thought I was crazy. ‘What are you doing out there in the desert?’ I’m going big. What are YOU doing?” – Josh Bender.