Yes, that is a bottle cage strapped to a fork stanchion

New series where we bring you up to speed with all the week’s best bits of mountain bike tittle-tattle. Friday afternoons just got that little bit easier.

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This Mountain bike Cup Holder Adjustable Drink water bottle Cage Bracket High quality

What price hydration? Apparently it only costs £8:08 if you want this unqiue goes-anywhere bottle cage bracket. Thankfully we don’t think anyone has anyone has ever mounted a cage in this sparticular location. It’s just a fine example of the Photoshopper’s art (or maybe it was done in Microsoft Paint). Or maybe the idea is that the devece automatically sends you your can of not-Coke when the fork hits a large enough bump.

Athertons announce re-opening of Dyfi Bike Park with new Red trail POV

Contrary to what you might think, Dyfi Bike Park is not just full of insane unrideable tracks a la Red Bull Hardline, the trail centre is much more multi-user friendly. As of August 1st Dyfi Bike park is re-opening after Covid closure. Pre-booking is mandatory. No-one just turning up the day will be allowed entry.

yeti arc

Super styling anniversary Yeti ARC costs £don’t-ask

If we can briefly try to ignore the naysayers – who either complain about the price tag or the fact that the new ARC is not a loop-stayed XC race hardtail (it’s actually a modern geometry trail bike) – let’s just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of this fine looking machine. We can but dream.

Racing to return with a quadruple BANG

It’s time to cross all of your fingers and toes please as Leogang have annoucned their plan to host a mega-World Champs in October. Compromises not just of the Downhill events that they were already hosting, Leogang have also been tasked with hosting the postponed Cross-Country World Champs. And the pump track World Champs. And the e-bike World Champs.

Casey Brown RAW

Smooth riding. Secretly huge gaps cleared. Perfect dirt. Impeccable poker face (at 33 secs).

#StatusMTB ‘mystery’ mountain bike

What is this bike? It looks like a Specialized. It looks like they’re re-purposing the old Status model name for what appears to be a mullet enduro bike with approximately 160mm of travel at each end. This particular Status looks to be a special Ohlins build (for sponsored influencers maybe). We can’t help thinking they’d sell a ton of them in a more affordable circa £2.5k build. And in grey. If only there was somewhere you can read all about it.

More affordable Marins

Just in time to not feature in our recent Best cheap full suspension bikes buyers guide, the new range of Marin Hawk Hill full suspension trail bikes look great. Marin has definitely been on something of a revamp in recent years with bikes like the Marin Rift Zone 120mm 29er and Marin San Quentin hardcore hardtail getting big thumbs up from us. The new range of Hawk Hill bikes start from £1,495 and look really well thought out modern mountain bikes.

Slomo Sam Hill suspension

Just kick back and relax with 13 minutes of – you guessed it – slowed down footage of Sam Hill racing enduro. The thing is, it just brings up more questions as to hwo the heck he does it!

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