The best bike hip packs for mountain biking offer storage space with all cargo centred around your waist, leaving you unrestricted and sweat-free

If you want to ride pack-less, have a clean bike but still plenty of carrying capacity try swapping to one the following best hip packs. Getting the gear off your body and onto the bike can be a relief but it can mess with your bike’s function, clean lines and overall aesthetic. It is also hard to find room on your bike to strap on all of the correct amount of stuff you need for longer rides.

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Best hip packs

  • Scott Trail Hipbelt FR 5 – WINNER
  • Osprey Duro Solo Belt
  • Dakine Hot Laps 2L
  • CamelBak Repack LR4
  • EVOC Hip Pack Race
  • USWE Zulo 2 Hydration Belt
  • RaceFace Stash Quick Rip 1.5L

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Scott Trail Hipbelt FR 5

Scott Trail Hipbelt FR 5

Incredibly comfy and supremely stable – worth the money

Price: £49.99 | Weight: 283g | Colours: Black, beige

Try and ignore the mud-splattered beige bumbag in the photo above – you can get this hip pack in a much more practical black colourway. And get it you should because it is most definitely our favourite hip pack out there currently. The key thing with this pack is the really broad (deep?) 80mm weightlifter-style waistband. This keeps the pack stable, prevents pinch points and also seems to help prevent builder’s bum ‘jersey creep’. Internally the pack is as good as any other premium hip pack too.

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Osprey Duro Solo Belt

Osprey Duro Solo Belt

Test winning hip pack

Price: £35.00 | Weight: 150g

We have no idea whether bum bags are now cool again, or uncool because they’re too cool, or were never cool in the first place. And honestly we don’t care, because they’re simple, cheap and let you carry the essentials on a quick blast without being encumbered by a massive hydration pack. The Osprey Duro Solo is designed for running, but works brilliantly on the bike thanks to its wide wide belt that remains stable when you’re making shapes. The angled holster holds a 570ml bottle that’s not only squishy, but shaped to fit against your hips, and there’s a clear pocket for sneaking vital glances at your smartphone.

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Dakine Hot Laps 2L Waist Bag

Dakine Hot Laps 2L Waist Bag

Best value hip pack

Price: £29.99 | Weight: 198g

Staying close to your hips and low on your body means it has negligible impact on your freedom of movement and it’s impressively stable, however wild the track. Good value and functional, the Dakine Hot Laps 2L is now a regular companion on our rides.

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CamelBak Repack LR4

CamelBak Repack LR4

Best hip pack with bladder included

Price: £69.99 | Weight: 566g inc. 1.5l bladder

We’ve raved on about the benefits of getting weight of the rider’s back to increase freedom of movement and stay less sweaty. It seems plenty brands now agree and there are subsequently more hip packs available than ever. Now the straps are easier to cinch tight and more sturdy and secure, CamelBak’s latest offer makes a pretty compelling argument, plus it comes with the best hydration reservoir in the business. We’d love a more waterproof pocket option for muddy UK riding, but no brand offers that as yet with function and stability approaching the Repack.

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EVOC Hip Pack Race

EVOC Hip Pack Race

Organisation, fabric and retention materials are excellent

Price: £56.99 | Weight: 335g

Overall, EVOC’s organisation, fabric and retention materials are excellent, it can hold a fair bit of gear, but the cargo stability in rough terrain isn’t quite as locked down as some other hip packs.

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USWE Zulo 2 Hydration Belt

USWE Zulo 2 Hydration Belt

Impressive fit and security – at a price

Price: £74.99 | Weight: 220g | Colours: Black, yellow

This pack’s so small that some longer mini pumps or digital shock pumps simply won’t fit, but there is enough room for snacks, multi-tool, tube, CO2 canisters and some tubeless plugs. More a minimal race day or short blast pack then, but a big bonus is that the shape and fit is very body-hugging and ergonomic. There’s no getting away from the steep price tag, so definitely worth searching around for the sales.

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RaceFace Stash Quick Rip

RaceFace Stash Quick Rip

Small bum bag perfect for short rides

Price: £47.95

There’s a lot to like about the Race Face Stash Quick Rip 1.5L – it has a padded waist belt, so no matter how much clobber you’re carrying, or the size of your gut overhang, it’s not going to dig in. The 3D mesh construction cuts unnecessary weight, is super breathable and is easy to keep clean. This isn’t the biggest bum bag I’ve tested, and it won’t carrying everything, but it’s just the right size for short to medium length rides. It’s also good value, well made and pretty stealthy in this black.

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Neat features integrated tool organisation, a secure drinks hose and some even come with drinks reservoir

Choosing the best hip packs: final word

It comes down to a choice of two really, depending on whether you want to take a water bottle or a bladder. If you’re fine with just a water bottle then the Osprey Duro Solo Belt is a great choice – made even better by the appealing price tag. If you feel the Osprey is just a bit too minimalist (as we do) go for the Scott Trail Hipbelt FR 5. If you prefer an quick-access reservoir for your hydration, then the original hydration meisters are still the people to go with: the CamelBak Repack LR 4. They seventy quid cost at least includes an excellent bladder inclusive.