New edit from the Athertons has tongues wagging

A new GoPro edit from the Athertons featuring their Dyfi forest playground has opened up more rumours of Dyfi bike park potential in the area.

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Here’s our story from October 2018…

Is Dyfi Bike Park one step closer to actually opening?

Chris Cumming in with the teaser.

The are rumours that the Black grade trails are finished. Don’t expect anything open this year but maybe Dyfi Bike Park will be real in 2019..?

What rumours are these then? Well, principally this video below from Chris Cumming riding with Gee Atherton…

Caption: “I’ve had such a mint day riding @dyfibikepark with @gee_atherton
One of the best places I’ve ridden in a long time 😱🤙🏻

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Here’s our story from September 2017…

Dan’s Dyfi Bike Park may never open

Dan Atherton’s Dyfi Bike Park might never open to the public, its perfectly sculpted berms, tabletops and gap jumps reserved for pros as a training ground.

The Dyfi Bike Park has been three years in the making, with creator Dan Atherton releasing tantalising glimpses onto social media that we hoped one day might be accessible for the paying public.

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Now it seem the park might remain a training ground for the Athertons, after Dan told mbr he’s still not sure yet what to do with the venue.

“We’ve still got a lot to do at the Park, and we haven’t confirmed what we’re going to do with it yet, Dan said. “Hopefully by next spring it could be open. It’s such a good tool to have for racing and training.”

And will it be open to the public, like a really hard version of the Revolution Bike Park? “I’m not sure yet, it stills needs clarification,” Dan says.

It’s easy to see why Dan wouldn’t want the bike park open to the public though, we can only imagine the scenes of carnage from a park as difficult as this. There are 60ft tables, stepups and a road gap that looks pretty much the same size as its Hardline sibling.

Who the hell could ride such a park? We certainly wouldn’t begrudge the Athertons keeping it for themselves as a training spot, especially when they produce videos like the one above.