The World Cup is over but fear not, the infamous Red Bull Hardline event is on this weekend to keep the adrenaline up and the jaws dropped

The World Cup is over but fear not, the infamous Red Bull Hardline event is on this weekend to keep the adrenaline up and the jaws dropped.

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1. Just look at who’s competing

These are pretty much all the riders you make sure you catch whenever their runs are on Red Bull TV during a World Cup DH. Plus a couple of slopestyle curveballs…

Gee Atherton
Dan Atherton
Brendan Fairclough
Laurie Greenland
Charlie Hatton
Craig Evans
Bernard Kerr
Brage Vestavik
Florent Payet
Kade Edwards
Alexandre Fayolle
Kaos Seagrave
Gaëtan Vigé
Joe Smith
Matt Jones
Jono Jones
Erik Irmisch
Cole Lucas
Harry Molloy
Leo Sandler
Oscar Härnström
David McMillan
Juan Diego Salido
Jérôme Caroli
Matt Walker
Joel Anderson

2. There’s no other race track like the Hardline race track

Huge freeride-style jumps, giant slab rolls, tight wooded sections, iconic road gap jumps and some new epic jumps which will test the riders at speed as they enter the final section of the course.

3. Sixty. Five. Feet.

The final fly off, which is the biggest jump ever at Red Bull Hardline, will see riders fly 65ft (the length of a football pitch) as they speed towards the finish line.

4. You can watch it anywhere and for free

Say what you want about Red Bull but being able to watch events like this on your laptop, or on your phone, or on your smart TV is really rather cool. Live-action will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm at

5. Rachel Atherton is commentating

Obviously this could go one of two ways. Commentating is not easy if you’ve never done much of it before. But there’s not many riders with more experience of the pressures of racing downhill than Ms Atherton. And seeing as she’s a sibling of the course designer, she could have some decent insight into sections of the track. Good luck Rachel!

6. Matt Jones is doing it

No doubt about Matt Jones’ riding skills – he’ll have no trouble getting down the course – but it’s going to be fascinating to see him perform on a race track against the clock.

7. It will help stave off World Cup withdrawal symptoms

The World Cup DH series has finished. Red Bull Hardline has become the thing that helps ward off any downhill racing cold turkey.

Watch it in person

Saturday tickets have sold out but there are more tickets for Sunday still available. Sold per car (max five people per car), for a cost of  £40 + booking fee. Apparently spectators will have access to more of the course than previously, particularly further up the track.