Happy Thanksgiving!

The world of mountain biking can seem pretty depressing at times – we’re constantly bombarded with new standards, expensive parts and the British winter weather.

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However, as it’s Thanksgiving (yes we know it’s an American thing really) we decided we’d look on the bright side and tell you what we’ve been thankful for in the muddy world of mountain bikes this year.

Things to be thankful for in mountain biking

  1. We can cycle in some of the most amazing places in the world.
  2. The UK is getting new bike parks all the time.
  3. We have some great advocacy groups fighting our corner for better access.
  4. Our grassroots racing scene consistently produces some of the best racers in the world.
  5. Trail centres drain really well no matter how bad the winter weather gets.
  6. We can pick up loads of Black Friday bargains tomorrow.
  7. We get one more year of downhill World Cups.
  8. We’re home to the best women’s downhill racer of all time.
  9. Enduro has opened up racing to a whole new demographic of mountain bikers.
  10. Mountain biking is still ace.
  11. Mountain bikes are faster and more technologically advanced than ever before.
  12. Plus sized wheels may not be such a bad thing…
  13. Mountain biking is getting more mainstream exposure through advertising, TV shows and awards.
  14. We can summit some of the UK’s biggest mountains using just our bikes (and the occasional walk).
  15. It’s great for your mental and physical health
  16. There’s only five months to go until the World Cup season returns.
  17. Trails for Wales proved mountain biking community can come together to form positive change.
  18. We’ve still got months of night riding to enjoy before summer returns.
  19. Christmas coming means we can treat ourselves to a few cheeky stocking fillers… and you can eat all the turkey you want and have a fun way to work it off.
  20. Ebikes are allowing riders to keep riding despite disabilities or old age.
  21. The Red bull live streams received their highest ever audience last year.
  22. Direct order brands are making high end bikes more affordable for everyone.
  23. 23. Debating wheel sizes is still fun.