It’s nearly two years to the day since Bike Park Wales opened and it’s been one heck of a ride. This year alone it has opened the longest blue trail in the UK, been one of the hubs of the Epic Cyrmu bike race and hosted many of our bike tests.

Now it has been featured in the latest advert for the Peugeot 208 – a two door hatchback. The video stars Juliet Elliott, a writer and mountain biker, who takes a trip in the car to Bike Park Wales.

The theme of the video ‘re-energise’, the Peugeot allows Juliet to escape her busy life and enjoy riding in the heart of south Wales – certainly a feeling that most mountain bikers share when they head out to the trails.

While the video doesn’t necessarily make us want to buy the car (surely Peugeot has a more practical model available?) it is always cool to see mountain biking getting some mainstream exposure and recognition.

The car industry seems to be waking up to mountain biking in a big way at the moment. The Atherton racing team is now sponsored by jeep and freeriders Cam Zink and Cam McCaul starred in their own advert for the Mitsubishi Outlander last summer.