It seems that today is one for the comedy videos as after IFHT’s If Your Mountain Bike Could Talk we’ve just stumbled across this mockumentary from Great Rock’s Ed Oxley.

Channeling a mountain biking David Brent, Oxley plays the role of a lecherous mountain bike guide to a tee. Thankfully he gets his comeuppance and we get to see the highlights of an epic day conquering Helvellyn.

The women in the video are Aneela McKenna and Janey Kennedy of Go-Where and Sandra Scally of HerVelo. Oxley says his bearded buddy Andy McKenna was “just found outside the supermarket and invited along because we felt sorry for him.”

The film was debuted at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival last weekend and is now available for us all to watch for free.

Oxley said: “It’s not hard to represent women positively in a mountain bike edit, you just have to show the girls doing what they do every week riding their bikes on proper trails. I didn’t want it to look like Soviet era propaganda and so I added a bit of Great Rock humour. Everyone has to be good at something and at least I’m good at being a dick and the women certainly come out on top.”