Impressive numbers

Red Bull’s World Cup coverage viewership grew by 45 per cent this year to reach more than 1 million people for the first time.

This is the fourth year that Red Bull has produced the World Cup live coverage after taking over from Freecaster in 2012. In 2015 Red Bull streamed 19 live mountain bike World Cups (seven downhill, six men’s cross country and six women’s cross country) with over 38 hours of live footage.

Watch the Red Bull highlights from the season finale in Val di Sole

The UCI reports that Red Bull’s live programming reached 1 million live viewers, this is a rise of 45 per cent from last season. Red Bull also registered a further 1.9 million viewers on video-on-demand services within the first four days of race events.

Red Bull’s highlight packages produced after the race events clocked 930,000 of their own views as well.

It’s great to hear that mountain biking’s reach is increasing and hopefully this will encourage Red Bull to continue its commitment to providing us all with live streams of the World Cups and more in future.

Besides the main programmes UCI’s media partner published and shared additional clips, such as teasers, short highlights, action clips and onboard clips on all Red Bull platforms including social networks and the Red Bull YouTube channel before, during and after the season.

Internet coverage at a glance:

  • 38 hours of live coverage
  • 1 million live views
  • 1.9 million views as Video on Demand
  • 13 highlight magazines produced and 930,000 views

More information about the TV audience will be released by the end of the year.