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Winter rides jan 16 featured

The best UK winter Rides

There are many great winter routes all over the UK – here’s our pick of the best

Chain clean step 3

How to deep clean your chain

Forget to clean your chain regularly and the grime will eat SRAM and Shimano’s finest for breakfast. Here’s how to restore order once again. 1.…

Yoga poses for recovery featured

3 yoga poses to help you recover after a ride

Mountain biking is fast, hard hitting and pushes your body to its limits. In fact, it apparently triggers the same fight-or-flight response caveman experienced hunting…

Post ride refuel featured

How to refuel after a long bike ride

Quell the constant urge to visit the fridge by eating smart after a long bike ride. What’s the problem? You’re not that hungry right after…

Winter Tyres Jan 2016 featured

The best mountain bike winter tyres

Every winter, rather than slip and slide defensively through the gloop and muck, it pays real dividends to fit specific mud tyres. They bring extra…

Flat corners riding featured

How to ride flat corners

No berm? No problem. We’re so used to riding banked turns on our mountain bikes that flat corners can have us skittering and sliding or…

Peaty winter loop sheffield featured_edited-1

Steve Peat shows us his winter training loop

There’s a book lying conspicuously on the sturdy oak table in Steve Peat’s farmhouse kitchen. It’s titled Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-Free Productivity.…

Muddy stay clean featured

How to stay clean on a ride

You finish a ride spattered with crud while your friends look like they’ve just won the Daz Doorstep Challenge… not fair! Keeping clean on a…