A best-of video from Red Bull lays good claim to being the best best-of video out there. Essential viewing.

Red Bull are a huge presence in mountain biking. For a company that essentially makes fizzy red pop they don’t half know how to make some great mountain biking happen.

This video plays like a comprehensive rundown of pretty much all the ket moments in bike riding in 2016.

The young hotshot Mark Wallace shredding some prime Canadian woodland, Yoann Barelli riding a cyclocross bike down some gnarly enduro trails, Martin Söderström Dawid Godziek dirt jumping amidst vast fields of flowers, Makken Haugen ripping down a Norwegian ridgeline, Brandon Semenuk’s Raw 100, Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out, Oli Wilkins dragging his feet, some amazing BMX flatland skills, Brandon Semeuk (again) ruling Red Bull Rampage, Carson Storch’s iconic 360 jump at Rampage, Rachel Atherton’s domination,  Danny Hart and Aaron Gwin duking it out in the World Cups and much, much more.

Video description

Red Bull: “When we started out back on our journey through 2016 Aaron Gwin was set to climb aboard a bike which had never even raced a UCI World Cup before and Danny Hart had still never won one. We were wondering if anyone would be able to beat Rachel Atherton and what, if any, changes were going to be made to Red Bull Rampage.

“We had no idea what Danny MacAskill was going to do next or if Brandon Semenuk was still the favorite to take Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler.

“In the wider world of our Sound of Speed series, who knew it would ever be possible to use a whip to topple a tree, rip downhill tracks on a drop-barred CX bike or manual without your feet actually being on the bike? It’s been a year of big breakthroughs and revelations.

“Click play on the video above to relive some of the very best two-wheeled moments of 2016.”