That hay bale trick eh?

MacAskill’s film saw him up his game with a smoothness and flow not seen by him before. Find out how the magic was created as we take a peek behind the scenes.

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Original story from October 2016:

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out – now in 4K

MacAskill’s new film sees him up his game even more with a smoothness and flow not seen by him before.

Danny MacAskill needs no introduction so let’s get straight to discussing this new film.

The sheer creativity is still there – that’s ultimately what has been MacAskill’s USP. Obviously his insanely high bike handling skills are impressiv eon their own but it’s how he and the filmmakers put them into play that makes Danny Mac’s films so special.

Fun factor

And then there’s the fun factor. The sun is shining. Danny is smiling. The music is jaunty. The mood is playful and fun. This is not macho freeriders busting out mega dirtjumps in Utah somewhere. This is Danny Macaskill having a laugh and it is brilliant.

Combined with this creativity and skill this time in Wee Day Out is a smoothness and flow on a mountain bike that we’ve not seen from MacAskill before.


Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

What do we mean? That ‘rail slide’ along the fallen tree, that backflip 360 on the dinky hip jump, the drifts around the forest tracks and he even makes riding over a cottage look flowy! Come on, that is RID-IC-U-LOUS.

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Speakng of that log rail slide… “I decided that I wanted to do a log slide in the film and we managed to find this log in the middle of nowhere. In the beginning it was covered in algae, so when it was wet it was very slippy, but after a while my bike wore away the algae and we had to start using artificial lubricant. I think we went through 14 tubs of Vaseline. There was all sorts of other lubes used on this thing as well, but we’ll not get into that. Every time I would land on the tree half the Vaseline would end up getting scraped off – my shoes and gloves were full of it!


Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

Pushing the envelope

There are still (thankfully) two or three ‘classic MacAskill’ envelope-pushing stunts in this vid where the flow pauses briefly while MacAskill executes something typically jaw-dropping and time-stopping. Namely, the hay bale and that jump-to-front-flip-brake-bonk… thing.

Simply amazing.


Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

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Our favourite bits

  • 0min 44secs – platform to railway rail side-hop
  • 1m 41s – log railslide
  • 2m 08s – riding over a cottage
  • 2m 20s – pedal pivot/spin on signpost
  • 2m 43s – backflip 360
  • 3m 33s – front-flip-brake-bonk
  • 3m 41s – backwards roly poly
  • The blooper reel at the end