Now this is a very fresh take on dirt jumping

MTBer Martin Söderström and dirt BMXer Dawid Godziek feature in this extremely yellow and extremely cool riding video.

Dirt jumping vids are usually very dusty, very heavy metal, very American and often very samey. Not so here.

This vid features loads of dirt jumping but hardly any dirt jumps. Eh? You’ll see.


The filmmakers spake thus:

“Watch Martin Söderström and Dawid Godziek magically fly through an iconic Swedish landscape without any kickers or landings, pulling big tricks, two of which are a world’s first and one a fresh signature move.

“Together they raised the bar in their respective scenes, with Martin throwing two new tail whip variations, while Dawid showed off his new signature twister on BMX.

“Defying gravity seems to be something Martin is used to. Having grown up in the completely flat landscape of Uppsala, in Sweden, a lack of mountains didn’t stop him from riding and being creative with the surrounding environment. This is a talent that he in part attributes to being inspired by the iconic bike film Life Cycles. It quickly etched itself on a young Martin’s mind and helped shape his future career. To show his appreciation, he felt a modern tribute was in place.”

Martin Söderström: “I was born and raised in one of the flattest areas in Sweden. But flat fields never stopped me from becoming a mountain bike professional. You just can’t let a minor detail like that stop you.”