A very cool video

Instead of our usual trick of filling a video post with a few paragraphs of background info on the rider and the video, with this one we’re just going to list things we thought were really cool about it.

So sit back and enjoy Devinci’s World Cup rider Mark Wallace shredding on a secret Canadian trail he’s been building over the winter, but keep an eye out for:

  1. Mark drying his digging gloves over an open fire.
  2. The deep, deep loam he can sculpt his trail with.
  3. Constructing his own jumps with local wood.
  4. That pickup truck.
  5. The subtle noise of his brake lever.
  6. The wheelspin kicking up a sprinkling of snow.
  7. Wallace whipping so close to the camera that you can feel the air on your face.
  8. Scrubbing so low he hits his knuckles on a fern.
  9. That skinny tree jump/drop thing.
  10. The huuuuge huck.
  11. Destroying a dead tree with his elbow.
  12. Destroying a dead tree with his entire bike.
  13. The big drifts.
  14. The cheeky wheelie turn before a fade to black..

We make that 14 awesome moments in less than two minutes of footage. Not a bad ratio really!

If you want to see more of Mark Wallace then he’ll be plying his trade on the World Cup circuit next year starting at Lourdes in April. Let’s just hope he’s worked out how to keep his brakes quiet by then!