Aaron Gwin won his first race for YT Industries yesterday at Fontana.

It was the first public appearance for Gwin as part of the YT Mob and he took the win over Logan Bingelli by just 0.15 seconds.

Fontana is a local race for the current World Cup Champion so he was keen to put in a good performance in font of his fans. The Californian course is technical and rocky but has a long pedal at the bottom known locally as ‘The Wall’. Despite this, Gwin rode his Tues downhill bike and not the capable Capra enduro bike.

The race was also a debut for the newly formed Cube Global Squad, with Brit Greg Williamson finishing fourth, 3.6 seconds behind Gwin.

While it’s interesting to see Aaron Gwin take his first win on the YT, we wouldn’t look into this result too seriously. After all, the teams will all still be in the testing process and a sub-two minute track is hardly comparable to a World Cup venue.

We’re not sure how many more races Aaron Gwin is planning on doing before the season begins at Lourdes in April (although there is one more Fontana race in March) but we’ll keep an eye on it to see how he does. Unfortunately Gwin’s new team mate, Angel Suarez, was not in attendance at Fontana.