It's not about the bike

Yoann Barelli is carving himself a bit of a niche not only as one of the fastest enduro racers in the world but also as a cyclocross shredder.

First he tackled some techy off-piste lines, then he took on the famous jumps on A-Line, this time he gets rid of the helmet camera and we get to see him through Rob Parkins’ high quality leneses.

Watch our pro bike check on Barelli’s Giant Reign.

If you want to know what a bike in pain sounds like this is probably the closest you’re going to get. Barelli shows no mercy to his Giant Cyclocross TCX Advanced and you can hear the spokes pop and the tyres struggle for grip. We’re impressed it was still in one piece at the end of the shoot.

What impressed us even more was Barelli’s bike control though, he rides a cyclocross bike with more speed and style than most of us would ride our normal mountain bikes, he’s definitely one to watch out for in future.

Barelli will return to action at the first round of the Enduro World Series in Chile on March 26-27.